4 Seal Coat Options for Asphalt Pavement Protection

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Indianapolis Asphalt Seal Coating 317-549-1833

The best way to extend the life of your asphalt pavement is to provide the proper routine maintenance it needs for optimal performance and appeal. But without a quality sealcoat, all the maintenance in the world couldn’t stop asphalt from sustaining damage. So really, the first step to asphalt protection and longevity is sealcoating. Asphalt sealcoats are an invisible layer of material used to protect bituminous pavements from natural wear and tear, including foot and vehicular traffic, cracks, crumbling, fading, and more.

Continue reading to learn about 4 common sealcoating options for asphalt pavements, and who to call for Indianapolis asphalt repair you can trust.

Asphalt Sealing Options

Standard Seal Coats – A standard sealcoat can be applied to any and all asphalt pavements that are structurally sound or newly paved. They provide a protective layer against rain, snow, ice, and chemicals, as well as, sun exposure, foot traffic, vehicular traffic, and more. They contain special anti-oxidation additives that allows them to provide this level of protection. It maintains a sleek, fresh look to your asphalt for several years, making it a cost-effective solution for regular pavement maintenance.

Slurry Seal Coats – Slurry seal coats are very similar to standard ones, except they also include aggregates in their mix. This not only covers up slight imperfections in existing pavement, it provides longer protection against inclement weather and natural wear and tear. It is a cost-effective alternative to asphalt overlays. And the installation process can be completed in as little as one day.

Tire Rubber Modified Surface Sealer (TRMSS) – Tire rubber modified surface sealer protects asphalt pavements by replenishing essential surface oils, binding loose aggregates, and of course, preventing damages caused by oxidation, inclement weather, natural wear and tear, and more. For this reason, its common applications include highways and interstates, airports, and residential roadways.

Micro Surfacing – Similar to slurry seal, this sealcoat options works well to extend the life of asphalt pavement and give it a fresh look at the same time. It contains a higher polymer and asphalt residual content, which delivers a higher level of protection from wear and tear. It also contains fast-setting chemicals, allowing a quick turn-around time. In most cases, roads are ready for traffic in as little as one hour!

Keep in Mind…
These sealcoat options are not intended to repair asphalt pavements, nor can they be applied to pavements that are too degraded or damaged. Talk to your local asphalt paving contractor for advice on which sealcoat is best for your pavement protection needs.

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