Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

The parking lot is usually the least visually-appealing aspect of a commercial property. But this doesn’t mean ignore it completely! Keep in mind that a business’s parking lot is one of the first impressions a guest or customer will see. It can tell a person a lot about the company in general, or at least they will think so. A safe and aesthetically-pleasing parking lot will give clients the message that a company truly cares. Parking lots require a note-worthy amount of routine care and maintenance for safety, cost-efficiency, and longevity.

Continue reading to learn three effective tips for maintaining and preserving a commercial parking lot.

Parking Lot Paving Repair Paving 317-549-1833
Parking Lot Paving Repair Paving 317-549-1833

Routine Parking Lot Care

When parking lots are neglected, you can see it. You will spot weeds growing through cracks and crevices, which are created by freeze/thaw cycles and natural wear and tear; while the surface of pavement fades, crumbles, and creates pot holes. All of these damages are costly to repair, which is why parking lot preventative maintenance is so crucial. Not only will preventative maintenance save property owners money down the road by reducing the need for repairs and replacements, it protects their investment and sustains a safe driving and walking environment for customers.

Here are the top 3 tips to follow in order to preserve a commercial parking lot for years to come:

✅ Routine Parking Lot Cleaning

Asphalt and concrete pavements are prone to collecting leaves, trash, grease, oil, dirt, and even the occasional dead animal carcass. It is vital to routinely sweep off any tangible debris like grass trimmings, leaves, garbage, rubber tire pieces, and more. Grease, fuel, and oil are also common accumulations in parking lots; all of which should be cleaned up immediately using proper de-greasing techniques for asphalt and concrete pavement.

All of this maintenance prevents stains, spots, and other damages, as well as, customer injuries and accidents. It provides a tidy-looking parking lot. This should be done on an as-needed basis, like daily, once a week, or more often, depending on the elements and climate.

✅ Pothole Repair

If a parking lot has potholes, they should filled or repaired as soon as possible. Not only are potholes unsightly and only lead to creating more potholes, they are dangerous for pedestrians and drivers alike, and can cause accidents and injuries that a commercial company can be liable for. Potholes are hard to prevent, as they are created by water freezing and thawing within the pores and crevices of pavement. But they can be repaired, and should be addressed in a timely fashion to prevent accidents, injuries, and further wear and tear.

✅ Pavement Sealcoating

Sealcoating cannot be overemphasized enough. It is the most effective preventative maintenance option for commercial parking lots. Why bother investing all that money into a new parking lot without properly sealing the surface for added protection? Sealcoating provides protection against harsh elements and reduces the rate of natural wear and tear. It’s like insurance for your pavement! And it’s very necessary to increase its lifespan and prevent costly damages in the future.

✅ Professional Pavement Installation and Repair

Be sure to outsource licensed, bonded, and insured pavement repair or installation for your commercial parking lot for optimal results and durability. They retain the proper tools, training, resources, and knowledge to efficiently and proficiently pave asphalt and concrete parking lots. They are also the best option for prompt and affordable pavement and pothole repair.

Professional Parking Lot Paving and Repair in Indianapolis

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for trusted parking lot repair in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. Our licensed and qualified paving contractors provide a wide range of asphalt and concrete pavement repair and installation services at the most competitive prices in town, including crack filling, overlays, resurfacing, and sealcoating. Request a free estimate, today!