What is Perpetual Pavement?

Asphalt is a wonderful and versatile pavement that provides a wide range of benefits, both financial and environmental. The smooth ride, enhanced safety, and appealing luster are just a few of the many admirable attributes of asphalt pavement. But what is perpetual pavement? Is it the same thing? What applications is it used in? For answers to these questions and more, continue reading and eliminate the confusion between perpetual and porous pavement.

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Indianapolis Asphalt Seal Coating 317-549-1833

Perpetual Pavement

Perpetual pavement is simply asphalt! However, it is a type of asphalt that combines all the smoothness and safety of asphalt, but in multiple layers. Perpetual pavement uses an advanced design process that lays asphalt in multiple layers to increase durability, strength, and longevity in roads and highways. This makes it perfect for areas with high traffic volume.

The first (bottom) layer of perpetual asphalt is flexible but strong, and resists pliable pressure caused by heavy traffic and more. This prevents the occurrence of cracks forming at the very bottom of pavement foundations.

The permanent structural portion of laying perpetual pavement is finished in the intermediate layer, following the bottom layer. This intermediate layer provides more strength and durability, as well as, extends lifespan of asphalt.

The last layer of perpetual asphalt is the rut-resistant hot-mix asphalt portion. It produces years of lasting resistance and durability that’s well passed the scheduled date for restoration.

The advantages of perpetual pavement services are well-worth the effort. Since the process is quick and efficient, construction times are reduced and traffic is not blocked or delayed for long periods of time. Also, this type of pavement installation provides exceptionally long-lasting strong pavement that is virtually uninfluenced by harsh weather and heavy traffic volume.

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Infrared Pothole Repair

A popular and effective method for road patching and pothole repair is a process that uses infrared heating technology. This method of asphalt patching has several benefits, making it a top choice for pavement repair companies across the country. Not only does the infrared asphalt repair technology allow for faster repair times and better results, it also reduces environmental impacts, noise pollution, labor costs, and the amount of equipment needed for the job. And perhaps best of all, it’s cheaper than the older methods of asphalt road repair!

Continue reading to learn more about infrared asphalt and pothole repair, and all the wonderful benefits it offers.

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Indianapolis Asphalt Repair 317-549-1833

Infrared Asphalt Road Patching

Potholes are trouble. And no one likes them. And no one sees them. Which is why they are such trouble! The new infrared asphalt road patching technology eliminates this frustrating dilemma by allowing faster repair rates and simpler repair procedures. Here’s how it works: An infrared heating unit heats up asphalt on roads, melting it in its place and changing it into a workable and alterable state of composition. From here, pavement repair contractors add new asphalt that melds perfectly with the old asphalt. Then they use specialized equipment to smooth out and re-pave the soft asphalt until it’s entirely level and feathered into the surrounding pavement. This eliminates seams and lines, reducing water infiltration and future freeze/thaw damages.

Environmental Benefits

There are several industry, commercial, and societal benefits to the infrared asphalt repair process; however, there are several environmental benefits too! Just another great reason why this new technology is a wonderful addition to the pavement repair industry. Environmental benefits start with the simple fact that reusing existing asphalt tarmac is less environmentally wasteful than removing old asphalt and replacing it with new material. All of the existing tarmac is 100% recycled and reused! Also, since the technology has become popular, materials sent to landfills have reduced as much as 90 percent, as well as, the use of new asphalt materials!

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Facts about Permeable Pavement

When it comes to commercial properties and complexes, choosing the right type of pavement is vital for a successful and effective paving job. Sub-par paving projects are almost always accompanied by undesirable consequences; such as poor drainage, cracking, crumbling, and expensive repairs or replacements. Rather than concrete or cement, it is suggested that porous asphalt is the right fit for commercial pavement projects.

Continue reading to learn more about permeable asphalt, porous pavements, and who to call for accurate and honest industry advice.

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Porous Asphalt Pavement

Porous asphalt is referred to by several names; such as permeable pavement, permeable asphalt, porous asphalt, and pervious asphalt. Now that you are familiar with the variety of titles for porous asphalt pavement, you can easily follow along when reading about their advantages. Pervious asphalt and regular asphalt are very much the same; however, they have one significant difference. This difference is the presence or lack of fine aggregate. You see, permeable asphalt lacks this fine aggregate material fund in common asphalt pavement. This small, yet significant, difference can make or break a paving project.

The main advantage and primary reason why porous asphalt is a suggested option for certain commercial paving projects is its permeable characteristics. Pervious asphalt allows water to flow right through, and into the ground beneath. It retains small channels and tubular avenues that allows this to take place. The benefit of this is so water cannot accumulate and buildup on the surface of asphalt pavement. This means less water accumulation and puddles in parking lots and streets. It also prevents damaging water run-off and flooding.

Not only can water pass through porous asphalt, this channeling system also filters undesirable and harmful materials as well. Oil, grease, residues, and more are swept up by channeling water, and pushed through the pores of the asphalt. This leaves the surface cleaner and retains proper traction. It also greatly reduces general wear and tear, ultimately protecting your investment.

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