The Few Occasions When Mixing Concrete and Asphalt is Okay

Which material is better for building, concrete or asphalt? This is one of the most common and reoccurring arguments in the paving industry. Various debates, discussions, online forums, and lunchtime conversations have risen over and over again about this very topic. You can also endlessly debate whether or not concrete is better than asphalt or vice versa; or you can ask yourself how to get the best of both worlds. That’s right; there are times when it can be useful combining asphalt and concrete paving to get superior results.

Continue reading and catch up on three examples in which contractors can use both concrete and asphalt for paving construction.

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Paving with Asphalt and Concrete

Paved asphalt for smaller cars and trucks can be damaged by larger vehicles and cargoes. Alligator cracking, large fissures, splintering, and crumbling can begin to appear once asphalt paving has become compromised by heavy vehicular traffic. It can be very expensive and time-consuming to repair or replace asphalt paving, so finding additional cost-effective alternatives can be helpful. One cost-effective solution to this problem is installing concrete reinforcement pads. They are installed on top of asphalt pavement. Their main purpose is to absorb the weight that leads to cracking and breakage. For commercial properties, they are generally placed in front of dumpster pads and loading docks where heavy vehicles frequently park or drive.

Another instance where using both asphalt and concrete comes in handy has to do with asphalt protection. Curbs and edges are seen all over the state, but very few acknowledge their purpose. Concrete curbs are frequently installed at the edges of asphalt paved roads in order to protect their base. Concrete curbs and edges provide two types of protection; water protection and damage control.

As for water, it can seep into the base of asphalt pavements. This weakens the structure overtime, causing more damage and need for costly repair work. Curbs stop this water leakage from occurring, reducing the amount of deterioration in the base of the asphalt. Curbs also protect the edges of asphalt paving from overexposure to weight and traffic. Edges are more vulnerable to damage and crumbling. To eliminate this threat, curbs are installed to cover and protect these edges from parking and traffic alike.

Using concrete for the base of an asphalt lay has great advantages. Contractors can choose to use a pure concrete base, or a custom asphalt-concrete base mix. It provides additional support for heavy traffic and vehicles at an affordable cost.

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