Where to Get Commercial Pothole Repair That Stands the Test of Time

Whether you need all-weather patching, UPM permanent patching, emergency patching, crack filling, or standard pothole repair, ACI Asphalt & Concrete are the seasoned commercial paving contractors to trust for professional results that will last and last! Continue below to learn more about the pothole repair and winter cold patching services we offer for commercial and industrial clients, and why so many Hoosiers have chosen us as their Indianapolis road construction and pavement contractors for more than 30 years.


ACI Can Deliver Year-Round Pavement Maintenance and Repair

Potholes, or chuckholes, affect both asphalt and concrete pavements. At best, they are an infuriating obstacle; but at worst, they can severely damage vehicles and increase employer and property owner liability. Chuckholes come in all shapes and sizes because the winter freeze and thaw cycles expand existing ones, thus setting the stage to develop newer or larger potholes. Winter cold patching is an essential part of a seasonal pavement maintenance program. Filling and sealing chuckholes as they develop will prevent problems in the future and addresses your liability problem.

Here at ACI Asphalt and Concrete, our pavement contracting teams offer a wide range of asphalt and concrete pothole repair solutions for commercial and industrial complexes in Indianapolis and throughout Central Indiana. We also offer free estimates and consultations, as well as, references, advice, information, and more. Not only do we offer free estimates, flexible scheduling, and honest workmanship, we also back all of work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

What We Can Do For Your Commercial Lot


So, when you need trusted, high quality pothole repair and winter cold patching services in Indianapolis, Indiana, turn to ACI Asphalt and Concrete for competitive deals and results that last. We are licensed, bonded, and insured paving contractors with more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the pavement repair industry.

Are you ready to get your commercial pavements reinforced for the spring and summer season? Contact us at 317-549-1833 for superior pothole repair and winter cold patching services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve both commercial and industrial clients all throughout the Central parts of the state.

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Indianapolis Pavement Repair Company 317-549-1833

3 Types of Pavement Cracks and How to Fix Them

Now is the time of year to make repairs and renovations to your paved lot. Not only does the weather permit such work, making the process more efficient and successful, it also prepares paved surfaces for the upcoming winter climates. Common winter expectations, like heavy precipitation, strong winds, and extreme temperatures, can all negatively impact asphalt and concrete pavements if they are not sufficiently protected.

One of the most frequently-made repairs this time of year are for surface cracks. There are three common types of surface cracks, all of which can occur to both asphalt and concrete pavements. Continue reading to learn how to identify, repair, and prevent such cracks on your property.

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Block Cracks in Asphalt Pavement

The 3 Common Pavement Cracks:


Reflective surface cracks occur when a crack or joint in the underlying pavement “reflects” upward through the surface. These types of cracks are primarily dealt with in resurfacing projects, but they can also appear in the form of “low-severity” cracks following new pavement installation. They are not a good sign since they reduce the overall lifespan of your asphalt or concrete overlay.


Block cracks are easy to identify because they form in patterns of squares; the cracks intersect each other at nearly 90 degree angles. They are often found in parking lots, as they tend to happen as a result of not having enough traffic. You see, steady, consistent traffic on pavement helps to knead it and keep it flexible, making it more resistant to crack formation. Other reasons why block cracks form is due to low-penetration asphalt, excessive air voids, overly high plant mix temperatures, and more.


Edge cracks are just that; cracks that form around the edges of pavement, usually along curbs, sidewalks, medians, and drainage ditches. They are identified accurately by measuring their location; if they are parallel to and within 18 inches of the edge of the asphalt or concrete, they are considered edge cracks. The most common causes are insufficient base construction, inadequate shoulder support, poor drainage, and frost effects.

Resolve Pavement Cracks ASAP

It is important to catch and resolve pavement cracks early on, before they can spread and lead to larger structural problems. The best way to do so is to hire a licensed and insured Indianapolis paving company for help creating the best pavement repair and maintenance plan for your property. Depending on the extent of damage to your lot, you may require crack-filling, crack routing or widening, pavement resurfacing, re-striping, curb repair, ADA ramp repair, and more. To protect your lot from future damages, be sure to discuss sealcoating options with your trusted paving contractor.

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ACI Asphalt Concrete 317-549-1833

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for commercial paving services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our licensed and qualified paving contractors provide several Indianapolis asphalt and concrete paving services, including pavement repair, sealcoating, road work, commercial paving, industrial paving, and more. Request a free estimate, today!

The Importance of Commercial Pavement Repair

When it comes to any commercial property, the parking lot is the very first impression customers receive upon initial visitation. We have all been there; pulling into a crumbling lot, bouncing over countless potholes, attempting to discern the very-faded parking lot lines, and trying your hardest to avoid the weeds and grasses growing through the deep crevices as you make your way to the company’s entrance. Before customers even enter the building, they are already dissatisfied and agitated over the parking lot obstacles and inconveniences. This is why parking lot maintenance and pavement repair are vital to any company or business.

Below you will read just how, and why, commercial pavement repair and service are important to a company’s success and reputation.

Pothole Repair Indianapolis 317-549-1833
Pothole Repair Indianapolis 317-549-1833

Commercial Asphalt and Concrete Services

Parking lots are not the only asset that requires routine upkeep and repair. Sidewalks, loading docks, freight entrances, curbs, speed bumps, and lamp posts are all pavements that also require regular service and repairs when needed. A crumbling or cracked sidewalk is a dangerous hazard that can bring upon premise liability lawsuits and injured customers. So as you can see, a poor quality parking lot is more than just an eye sore and bad first impression.

There are safety concerns as well. Lamp posts are important to repair right away in order to prevent a falling or leaning commercial light post. This is also very dangerous and a huge liability for a company. No one wants a 30 foot parking lot lamp post falling on their vehicle, or worse, another person! Immediate repair is strongly encouraged for cracked, crumbling, or weakened parking lot lamp posts.

On top of actual pavement repair for cracking, breaking, and crumbling concrete or asphalt, aesthetic care is also crucial. This means freshly painting and clearly labeled parking spots, smooth speed bumps, intact curbs and medians, and more. These are all important for a customer’s first impression, as well as, their safety. There are several methods for effective and long-lasting concrete and asphalt care.

A professional pavement repair company retains the proper equipment and technologies to apply several methods of parking lot maintenance for commercial properties. One of the most beneficial services a commercial property or complex can receive is seal coating. This protects the pavement from premature crumbling, cracking, and fading. There are several other services as well that promote longevity and visual appeal for commercial buildings and lots.

Commercial Parking Lot Repair in Indianapolis

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 to discuss commercial parking lot repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our licensed road construction contractors provide a wide range of asphalt and concrete work for commercial and industrial properties, including inspections, installation, replacement, repair, and more. We also offer free estimates and consultations, flexible scheduling, references upon request, and more. Best of all, our work is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can rest assure that your investment is sound. Request a free quote, today.