Top Commercial Pavement Priorities for 2020

Now that the year is coming to an end, it is an opportune time to collect your thoughts and organize your priorities for the new year. As a business or commercial real estate owner, this task couldn’t be more important when it comes to routine pavement maintenance and repair. Continue reading to learn how to develop the best pavement management plan for 2020!

Commercial Paving 317-549-1833
Commercial Paving 317-549-1833

Pavement Maintenance and Repair

Your commercial pavements are more than just assets and aesthetics; they are also a liability if neglected in a way that poses harm to the surrounding public. For these reasons, it is vital to maintain good-looking, well-performing, and hazard-free pavements. This includes parking lots, curbs, ramps, sidewalks, terraces, Ballard posts, and more. Not only does well-maintained pavement increase curb appeal, and therefore, real estate value, it also provides a safe and functional method of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

In addition to maintaining pavements routinely, it is equivalently vital to have new pavements installed properly by a licensed and experienced Indianapolis pavement company. Improper pavement installation will always turn into a disaster down the line, creating all sorts of hazards and costly set-backs for property owners and those who use the pavements.

Here is what to look for before getting started on your new year commercial pavement management plan:

    ☑ Cracks
    ☑ Crumbling Pavement
    ☑ Cracked or Crumbling Curbs
    ☑ Depressions or Heaves
    ☑ Broken or Cracked Ballard Posts
    ☑ Cracked Ramps
    ☑ Uneven Stairs
    ☑ Crumbling Stairs
    ☑ Loose Gravel
    ☑ Water Retention and Puddling
    ☑ Unlevel Sidewalks or Pavements
    ☑ Faded Paint or Markings
    ☑ Obstructed Traffic or Parking Signs
    ☑ Oil Stains

Ideal Pavement Maintenance Plan

The best plan you can develop for your commercial pavements will include these 4 points:

Routine Inspections – Always have your eyes on your pavements. Be on the lookout for the defects listed above, as well as any other potential hazards or problems. It is important to have your pavements professionally inspected at least once per year, but better to have them inspected seasonally.

Daily Cleaning – Your pavements should have a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleaning schedule. You can appoint an in-house custodial staff or outsource the work from another company. Cleaning involves sweeping, debris removal, pressure washing, and more.

Minor Repairs and Re-Painting – When a defect occurs, it is vital to repair it right away before it can get worse. Pavement maintenance should always include routine repairs and services, such as pothole patching and crack filling. It should also include routine painting to ensure your marks are visible.

Pavement Replacement and/or Overlays – When your pavements come to a point where they are hazardous or inefficient, it is time to have them replaced or overlaid. These services should always be performed by a licensed pavement installation company.

Get a Pro Involved

Asphalt and concrete pavements are different, and therefore require a separate set of routine maintenance plans. It is best to discuss your pavement management needs with a licensed paving contractor who can give you personalized advice and guidance based on your individual property.

Commercial Pavement Repair in Indianapolis

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for commercial pavement repair and service in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our team of licensed and insured pavers provide a wide range of asphalt and concrete paving services for all commercial and municipal properties in Central Indiana and its surrounding areas. Request a free estimate, today.

How Will Snow Affect My Pavements?

The snow is already here in Indiana. Did you prepare your sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots properly? If not, you will likely begin to see the minor and major affects winter weather can have on our pavements. Not sure if this warning applies to you? Continue reading to learn how snow, ice, and cold temperatures can impact the overall quality and condition of your asphalt and concrete pavements.

Commercial Pavement Repair
Commercial Pavement Repair 317-549-1833

Freeze Thaw Damages

Both asphalt and concrete are susceptible to freeze thaw damages under certain conditions. Concrete is a naturally porous pavement, which means water can permeate within its surface. When this happens in the winter, the water eventually freezes, causing the concrete to expand. When temperatures begin to rise in spring, the water melts within concrete, causing it to contract. This expansion and contraction process is known as freeze thaw cycles, and the damages they cause to pavements are wide ranging.

Although asphalt is not porous, without proper and routine sealcoating, moisture can seep inside and cause freeze thaw damage. The signs of freeze thaw damage on pavements will not really be evident until the snow melts. Sometimes, Indiana can experience snow all the way until spring. The most common effects of freeze thaw cycles on pavement include faded paint, potholes, cracks, alligator cracking, depressions, heaving, and more.


Another common winter threat to our pavements are also a widely-useful tool against slippery, wet surfaces. We are talking about de-icers. When using large amounts over a long period of time on concrete, deicers can cause pavement to deteriorate. Salt is harmful to concrete pavement because it is acidic, and acid can break down the bonds within concrete, leading to crumbling, cracks, and more. Furthermore, concrete pavement freezes faster than other pavements, which often leads to using more deicer. Also, concrete bridges and overpasses are generally constructed with steel; and overtime, steel corrodes from salt.

When it comes to asphalt pavements, deicers are fortunately not so harmful. Asphalt is not affected by deicers because of the way it is engineered. Hot-mix asphalt is contains customized proportions of aggregates like stone, sand, and petroleum, which enables it to withstand the regional environment it was mixed for.

Talk to a Skilled Indianapolis Pavement Contractor

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for commercial pavement repair and service in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. Our licensed and qualified paving contractors provide a wide range of asphalt and concrete pavement repair and installation services at the most competitive prices in town, including crack filling, overlays, resurfacing, and sealcoating. Request a free estimate, today!

5 Qualities To Look For in a Paving Contractor

Pavement repair is an important investment to make for your property, so it is necessary for it to be done right. The primary key to all good paving work is installation. Without proper installation and craftsmanship, your pavement does not stand a chance against weather, wear, tear, and time. So you see, all good paving work starts with hiring the right contractor.

Continue reading to learn which qualities you should be looking for in a paving contractor in order to ensure trusted, long-lasting results for your pavement.

Commercial Paving 317-549-1833

Indianapolis Commercial Paving 317-549-1833


The first quality you should be looking for in a qualified paving contractor is licensing. The state departments for licensing and regulation of paving contractors issues licensing numbers that your contractor should be able to provide. You can use this number to look up their license status online. (Our state licensing number is #C8081407)


The second important quality to look for in a paving professional is insurance coverage. This is for your own protection. Be sure a paving contractor can provide proof of their official certificate for general liability and workers compensation insurance. Insurance coverage is also an indication that you are working with a professional company.


Another important quality to look for in a paving professional is their company reputation among past clientele. You can do this by directly asking the paving contractor for references, or you can look up customer reviews and testimonials online on popular sites like Yelp and Angie’s List. A good contractor is always eager to provide references because they are confident and proud of their work.

Written Contract

Before allowing any work to be done on your property, it is vital that you have, in your possession, a comprehensive written contract detailing all of the agreed upon work, materials, payment terms, and estimated completion date. Always be sure your paving professionals incorporate written contracts in their standard business practices to protect yourself and your investment.

No Full Payment Upfront

In most states, the law does not allow contractors to require all payments in full before the work has begun. In fact, such laws do not allow contractors to accept more than one-third of the total contract price, upfront. If a paving contractor mandates that all costs need to be paid in full upfront before they get started on the project, it is not a good business practice.

Professional Pavement Repair in Indianapolis

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for commercial paving services in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. Our licensed and qualified paving contractors provide a wide range of pavement repair and installation services at the most competitive prices in town. Request a free estimate, today.

Indianapolis Pavement Repair Company
Indianapolis Pavement Repair Company 317-549-1833

What are Recycled Asphalt Millings?

Recycled asphalt millings are essentially the product you get when old asphalt is ground up into gravel-sized pieces. You may also hear it be referred to as “crushed” or “recycled” asphalt. When a road needs repaired or replaced, a milling machine can be used to “mill” the existing asphalt pavement, and the gravel produced from the machine is saved for other purposes. Asphalt milling is an inexpensive, versatile, and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional paving procedure and products, and can be a wonderful choice for asphalt repair or refurbishing.

Continue reading to learn more about asphalt millings and how they are beneficial for home and property owners.

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833
Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Recycled Asphalt

Recycled asphalt millings offer a wide variety of benefits and purposes for both commercial and residential property owners. They offer a long-term solution for roads, streets, driveways, paths, parking lots, bike trails, and more; all for a lower cost than laying new asphalt pavement. It is less susceptible to natural wear and tear, harsh weather, and changing climates; and it produces less mud, dirt, and dust. So not only is it affordable, it is long-lasting and durable as well!

A full truck-load of recycled asphalt millings will generally contain around 20 tons of material and cover nearly 1800 square feet in a three inch thick layer. Prices vary from company to company, but you always get the best deal for full truck loads or bulk orders.

Crushed asphalt is environmentally-friendly because it doesn’t require the use of new materials, and old materials are reused and re-purposed. The do not require refinishing, replacing, or resurfacing, and only strengthens over time. It is the perfect alternative to new asphalt pavement installation, and can dramatically transform the look of any property! Consult a professional asphalt paver for details about pricing, installation, design options, and more.

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