How to Remove Mold on Concrete Pavement

Water stops and other moisture barriers are commonly installed beneath concrete foundations; however, these can wear out and deteriorate over time. They can also become defective or break under extreme conditions. In the case that water and moisture seeps into the foundation of concrete walls or floors, there is a chance that mildew growth can occur. No one wants mold growth anywhere on their properties, so when it becomes apparent, immediate action is required. Stopping mold growth in its tracks can greatly reduce the need for costly repairs, restorations, and reconstruction.

Continue reading and learn how to remove mold and mildew from concrete floors, walls, and other surfaces.

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Eliminating Mold on Concrete

The process of cleaning mold off concrete is fairly straight-forward an easy; however, it does require some initial grunt work. Be prepared to sweat a little when it’s time to scrub mold and mildew out of concrete. It doesn’t require a lot of tools either; simply locate a hard-bristled scrubbing brush, household bleach, clean water, and protective cleaning gloves. Combine the bleach and cold water (1 part bleach to 4 parts water) and liberally apply the solution to the affected area. Once the area is saturated, use the scrubbing brush to powerfully brush and rub out the mold from the concrete.

Once you have finished scrubbing in this solution, allow it to set it for a few hours; longer if the mold is extensive. Finish with a thorough rinse using fresh clean water. Use room-temperature or cold water so to not promote future mold growth. Heat, moisture, and shade is all it takes for mold and fungus to form. It is best to use a power washer to rinse the bleach solution away because the pressure of the water works well to thoroughly rinse away the remaining particles.

If you prefer to not handle bleach or concoct your own solution, you can choose to purchase a store-brand mold-killing detergent. Although store-bought, they provide the same results and require the same steps. For severe cases of mold, it is best to outsource professional decorative concrete contractors for industry-safe mold removal services. It is not safe to appoint an in-house janitorial staff to clean a mold problem.

Mold and mildew removal requires professional equipment, specialized training, and comprehensive procedures. This includes inspections, clean up and removal, hygienic maintenance, testing, insurance, and more. You don’t want to put your investment at risk, but more importantly, you do not want to put anyone’s health at risk. Proper mold removal is vital to protect property value, safety, and appeal.

Concrete Restoration and Replacement

In some cases, concrete is too damaged by mold and mildew growth. When this happens, the best course of action is to have your concrete pavements replaced with new concrete. Be sure to choose a qualified and licensed commercial paving company to provide trusted concrete overlays and repair services you can afford.

Commercial Concrete Repair and Replacement

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Effective Cement Mold Removal Tips

Mold accumulation and growth is a troublesome discovery for any business or property owner. Many people want to know how to remove such mold from cement walls and flooring in order to avoid larger and more costly repairs or renovations down the road. Fortunately, this is not an unreachable feat! Anyone can learn to efficiently and effectively remove mold from cement foundations and more. Continue reading to learn some easy-to-do tips and tricks to mildew and mold removal for cement flooring, walls, and foundations.

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Indianapolis Concrete Seal Coating 317-549-1833

Getting Rid of Mold and Mildew

The culprit behind mold and mildew growth is moisture. Moisture can navigate the interior channels and pores of cement, leading to such accumulation. Even with moisture barriers in place, water can still finds its way if these barriers are worn out or weakened. For mold to grow, moisture and darkness must collaborate. This is why cement pavements are common targets.

When it comes to getting rid of mold and mildew growth on cement pavements, health and safety are the number one reasons to take action. Right beneath health concerns is property aesthetics and preventative maintenance. All of these reasons are why mold and mildew removal are vital for a buildings well-being and durability.

To get started, be sure to gather all the necessary ingredients, products, and supplies before putting yourself in action-mode. The process, once started, should not be interrupted and needs to be completed in a timely fashion. Preparation is helpful so that you do not have to stop in the middle of a mold removal project to locate additional supplies.

You will need clean fresh water, bleach, scrubbing brush, clean bucket, and rubber or waterproof gloves. You can also purchase pre-mixed mold removal solutions and products at your local home store as well. These Are just as effective as bleach and water, but are best used for smaller surfaces.

Here’s a simple and basic guide to mold and mildew removal for cement pavements:

Collect all the necessary ingredients and items.
Put on a pair of quality rubber gloves.
If indoors, open doors and windows for safe ventilation.
Mix 1 part bleach with 4 parts water in a large bucket.
Dip a scrubbing brush or broom into the bleach solution.
Vigorously scrub the infected area using circular motions.
Continue scrubbing until the mold is gone.
Allow the area to dry completely or else the mold will return.
Get professional sealcoating service to prevent additional mold and mildew growth.

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