What is Permeable Pavement?

Permeable pavement is known by a few other names, including pervious pavement and porous concrete. It is a specific type of pavement material that retains high porosity values, which allows rainwater and other liquids to pass through the pavement and into the underlying ground soil. This process mimics natural ground soil saturation, reducing runoff and returning water back to underground aquifers. But these are not the only good qualities of permeable pavement; it also traps suspended solids and pollutants, and blocks them from entering the water stream.

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Pervious Pavement Applications

In order for permeable pavement to deliver the advantages it’s known for, it must be installed properly and used in the proper applications. Pervious pavement does not share the same strength as concrete, so it is not strong enough to handle certain conditions. For this reason, it is not recommended for highways, interstates, high-volume streets, heavy loading areas, and even potential spill sites.

Common applications for permeable pavement include:

• Sidewalks
• Driveways
• Residential Roadways
• Parking Lots
• Low Water Bridges
• Pool Decks
• Patios
• Well Linings
• And Any Other Low-Volume Surfaces

Brief History

Pervious concrete was originally introduced to the paving industry in Europe, in the early 1800’s. Europe frequently used permeable pavements for pavement resurfacing, load-bearing walls, and infill panels. But when World War II drastically reduced the availability of cement, pervious pavement made a come-back, and was a popular alternative once again. Modern uses of permeable pavement began in the 1960’s, including flood prevention and raised water basins.

Types of Permeable Pavement:

• Porous Asphalt
• Plastic Grids
• Porous Turf
• Single-Sized Aggregate
• Interlocking Concrete Pavers
• Resin-Bound
• Bound Recycled Glass
• Clay Brick

Indianapolis Asphalt and Concrete Paving

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Asphalt & Concrete Service 317-549-1833

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Concrete Repair for Pop Outs and Cracks

Concrete patios are known to experience a strange, distinctive type of damage in the wintertime; a kind of damage that leave property owners completely puzzled. Although there is no technical name to describe this unique concrete damage that shows up every winter, many people describe the effect as “pop outs” or popped cracks. These areas of damaged concrete are about the size of a quarter, and appear as if they have risen or been pushed up from underneath, separating the concrete from its original surface level.

These pop outs can be very frustrating for property owners being that they are just as unsightly as they are costly to repair. Fortunately there are ways to prevent such damage to concrete patios and foundations, however, they do require a bit of time and money. The best way to prevent concrete damage is to provide regular maintenance and ensure the installation process is done correctly.

Continue reading to learn the causes behind concrete pop outs and how to manage them.

Commercial Concrete Paving 317-549-1833
Commercial Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Concrete Damage and Repair

Concrete pop outs occur on driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches and more, generally as a result of freezing temperatures and winter precipitation, like snow, ice and rain. When concrete freezes, water inside the pores freezes and thaws, expanding the aggregate material and popping it out through the surface of the concrete. This is caused by snow and ice, and the melting of both. When pavers use moderately porous aggregate material to make concrete, this kind of damage is more likely to occur. The most porous the concrete, the more vulnerable it will be to water freeze and thaw cycles.

Although pop out damage doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the concrete foundation, it is unsightly in an aesthetic sense, which is very important for commercial properties; especially those that provide a service. For this reason, it is common for property owners to outsource concrete repair services. Concrete repair companies are a fast and cost-effective approach to patch up concrete pop outs or repave concrete foundations. They retain the proper tools, training, and equipment to accurately repair concrete in a time frame that is convenient for everyone.

Commercial Concrete Paving Services in Indianapolis

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