Common Applications for High Porosity Pavement

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High porosity pavement can come in many forms, including both asphalt and concrete materials. Also known as pervious or porous pavement, high porosity pavement is a special because it is designed to allow rainwater to permeate through its pores and into the ground below. Not only is this function beneficial to our local water tables, it is a workable solution to drainage problems, safety concerns, and natural wear and tear for paved surfaces. Continue reading to learn more about high porosity pavement, and its common applications in the building and construction industries.

Underground Aquifers and Pollution Prevention

Porous asphalt and permeable concrete imitate the natural process of rainwater. As rain falls, it is absorbed into the ground, passing through layer upon layer until it reaches the underground aquifer reserves. Since high porosity pavement allows water to pass right through it, it does not impede the natural process of groundwater absorption. Not only does this process reduce water runoff, solve drainage issues on paved surfaces, and return rainwater to underground aqueducts, it catches suspended solids and contaminants. This prevents excess groundwater pollution.

Additional Applications for High Porosity Pavement:

➛ Residential Roadways
➛ Driveways
➛ Parking Lots
➛ Sidewalks
➛ Well Linings
➛ Pool Decks
➛ Patios
➛ Load Bearing Walls
➛ Low-Volume Pavements
➛ Low-Water Bridges
➛ And More


High porosity pavement is rough, uneven, and bulky in appearance. This is due to the specific amounts of water and aggregate used to attain high air content with just enough cementitious paste to coat particles and interconnect voids. Although high porosity pavement can be comprised of various materials, the most common include cement, course aggregates, fine aggregates, and water. Fine aggregates are used sparingly, but usually sand or clay is used.

Types of High Porosity Pavement:

➛ Porous Asphalt
➛ Single-Sized Aggregate
➛ Plastic Grids
➛ Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers
➛ Permeable Clay Brick Pavers
➛ Bound Recycled Glass Porous Pavement
➛ Resin-Bound Paving
➛ Porous Turf

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