4 Benefits of Infrared Asphalt Repair

Infrared technology has constructively changed the way we repair asphalt. Not only is infrared asphalt repair more efficient, it’s faster than the methods used prior to its introduction to the industry. Once taking an entire team to complete, an infrared project only requires a two to three man crew. There are several advantages to infrared asphalt technology, all of which can be categorized into four main benefits: economical, operational, environmental, and value.

Continue reading to learn about these four key benefits to innovative infrared asphalt pavement technology.

Indianapolis Asphalt Repair
Indianapolis Asphalt Repair

Economic Benefits

Infrared technology has a few note-worthy economical aspects. For one, it primarily uses existing asphalt, so very little new material is needed, reducing material purchasing costs by 80 percent or more. Also, for this same reason, very little material is discarded, which reduces disposal costs by 90 percent.

Costs for transporting and plant production, as well as, the cost for city highway and road repairs are reduced dramatically. More roads can be repaired at a cheaper cost to the city, and fast! Quick project completion times reduces traffic jams and construction roadblocks for daily commuters. This makes infrared pavement repair beneficial to everyone!

Operational Benefits

What once took a team of up to six men or more, now only requires a two or three man crew. Infrared technology allows for faster and more efficient project completion. The project is easy to set up, which allows workers to get started right away, wasting no time on the clock at all. This cuts labor costs for pavement repair companies, which in turn reduces the cost of road repairs for the city; not to mention quick turn-over times that eliminates construction road blocks and traffic.

Another great operational advantage is the lack for excavation. No jack-hammering, digging, or milling is necessary when using this technology, so no underground systems are disrupted. This includes telephone lines, plumbing, and more. No matter how large or small the patch in the pavement is, it can be repaired with infrared technology, and all at once in a continuous route so to not block off large portions of the road or highway.

Environmental Benefits

One of the greatest aspects of infrared asphalt repair is its eco-friendly benefits. All the existing asphalt material in and around a hole is heated up and reused with infrared technology. So the need to manufacture new material is decreased substantially since mostly existing material is used to patch holes and cracks. This reduces the amount of disposed asphalt material sent to landfills by 90 percent!

Since operation is quick and easy, there is no noise pollution like jackhammers and loud construction equipment. It’s easy for the workers to implement, and it’s easy on the community’s hears. Also, quick and easy operation means less equipment needed, which means less diesel fuel being used since only one lorry is necessary for the job, rather than two or more.


Infrared asphalt repair has proven to be an efficient and effective method to patch holes and more in pavement. Heating the tarmac allows for a solid, leak-proof seal. This prevents future admission of water and moisture that leads to cracking and deterioration. It provides a smooth, uniform surface that is easy and pleasant to drive on.

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Infrared Pothole Repair

A popular and effective method for road patching and pothole repair is a process that uses infrared heating technology. This method of asphalt patching has several benefits, making it a top choice for pavement repair companies across the country. Not only does the infrared asphalt repair technology allow for faster repair times and better results, it also reduces environmental impacts, noise pollution, labor costs, and the amount of equipment needed for the job. And perhaps best of all, it’s cheaper than the older methods of asphalt road repair!

Continue reading to learn more about infrared asphalt and pothole repair, and all the wonderful benefits it offers.

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Infrared Asphalt Road Patching

Potholes are trouble. And no one likes them. And no one sees them. Which is why they are such trouble! The new infrared asphalt road patching technology eliminates this frustrating dilemma by allowing faster repair rates and simpler repair procedures. Here’s how it works: An infrared heating unit heats up asphalt on roads, melting it in its place and changing it into a workable and alterable state of composition. From here, pavement repair contractors add new asphalt that melds perfectly with the old asphalt. Then they use specialized equipment to smooth out and re-pave the soft asphalt until it’s entirely level and feathered into the surrounding pavement. This eliminates seams and lines, reducing water infiltration and future freeze/thaw damages.

Environmental Benefits

There are several industry, commercial, and societal benefits to the infrared asphalt repair process; however, there are several environmental benefits too! Just another great reason why this new technology is a wonderful addition to the pavement repair industry. Environmental benefits start with the simple fact that reusing existing asphalt tarmac is less environmentally wasteful than removing old asphalt and replacing it with new material. All of the existing tarmac is 100% recycled and reused! Also, since the technology has become popular, materials sent to landfills have reduced as much as 90 percent, as well as, the use of new asphalt materials!

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