Why Do Some Asphalt Parking Lots Have So Many Puddles?

Managing a commercial property is comprehensive. You have your interior maintenance obligations, as well as, exterior maintenance obligations. Both are imperative for sustaining commercial buildings and protecting property investments. As for exterior needs, most commercial properties have parking lots, sidewalks, or parking spaces that need managed routinely. Some parking lots look fantastic and offer desirable driving conditions, while other seem to have some issues.

One common problem with public and commercial asphalt parking lots is puddles and excessive water accumulation. As they notice more and more puddles accumulating around their parking lots, many business owners ask why this happens.

Continue reading to learn why some parking lots have several puddles, and what needs to be done to eliminate this excess water problem.

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Indianapolis Parking Lot Repair 317-549-1833

Parking Lot Puddle Problems

Parking lots can have a lot of puddles for a number of reasons, including sub-base issues and poor water drainage. But the most common culprit behind mass parking lot puddles is rutting and depressions. Asphalt is a flexible pavement and flexes with natural forces and heavy weight. Overtime, if cars are parked in the same spot repeatedly, it can cause the asphalt to slowly deform and indent. This is called rutting. These indentations will collect rain water and water run-off, and not drain quickly since asphalt is not as porous as concrete. Wheel paths and parking spots are especially prone to asphalt rutting.

Another cause of parking lot puddles that’s related to rutting is grade depressions. These are areas of the pavement that are lower than the surface line. Grade depressions and rutting cause puddles of water to accumulate on parking lot surfaces; but what causes rutting and depression?

Poor compaction is generally the cause behind rutting and grade depression problems. During the pavement installation process, a roller is used to compact the asphalt. If improper technique, equipment, or roller size is used, poor compaction will result. Compaction is meant to make asphalt pavements extremely durable and strong. If compaction is not done properly, the asphalt is not as durable and will be subjected to rutting and grade depressions; which as you know now, lead to parking lot puddle accumulation.

The problem with poor asphalt compaction is that you don’t see it until your parking lot starts to suffer aesthetically. This is why it is vital to use a reputable pavement company for accurate and dependable asphalt installation and repair services.

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