Commercial Permeable Pavement Information for Business Owners

When it comes to planning a commercial pavement project, one of the most critical aspects is the pavement option. It is vital to choose the proper pavement material and applicable solutions in order to render optimal results that stand the test of time. By choosing the most compatible paving option for your commercial lot saves you time and money, but it also protects your investment for years to come. Because these objectives are important to a business owner, many proprietors continue to choose permeable pavement.

Continue below to learn the top considerations facts about permeable pavement, and decide for yourself which option is best for your commercial lot.

Why Permeable Asphalt Pavement is a Top Choice for Commercial Lots

Permeable Pavement Basics

Not sure what permeable pavement is? Perhaps you’ve heard of it by its other names, including porous pavement, pervious pavement, pervious asphalt, porous asphalt, or the obvious, permeable asphalt. As you can gather by now, the term permeable refers to pavements that are penetrable through surface pores. So, what penetrates pavements like these?  The answer is water, but also, you can forget about dirt, debris, organic matter, chemicals, oil, and anything else that comes in contact with the ground. Anything microscopic can see through the pores of permeable pavement.

Permeable Asphalt Advantages

Many people assume that asphalt is the same as permeable asphalt, however, they are a little different. Really, the only difference between the two is that permeable asphalt does not have the fine aggregate content that is found in traditional asphalt or bitumen. As mentioned, several business owners and commercial proprietors continue to choose permeable pavements for their commercial lots because it is a standup selection for lasting performance and durability.

The primary reason that permeable asphalt is so popular within the commercial paving and road construction industry has to do with water run off medication. You see, permeable pavements have pores, which allow water to seep through. This reduces standing water and flooding, and helps control natural water runoff and drainage. Standing water is not good for any type of asphalt, so proper drainage plans are vital to any paving project.

Having proper water drainage is important because standing water and flooding can damage parking lots and commercial lots. This increases your maintenance costs, and can even lead to massive overhauls and restoration projects that are extremely expensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, standing water in the winter can turn to ice, which can lead to accident lawsuits and all sorts of liabilities in terms of being a hazard to both pedestrians and drivers.

Because permeable asphalt allows water to seep through its pores, it actually works as a sort of filter. Surface contaminants like dirt, oil, grease, and organic matter are filtered through the permeable pavement and sent down to the underground water table. Overall, business owners save more money now and in the long run by choosing permeable pavements for their premises.

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The Benefits of Porous Asphalt for Commercial Properties

When we use the term, “porous”, we are referring to the permeable areas and holes within a certain kind of pavement; in this case, asphalt. It makes way for storm drainage and street flood challenges. This one-of-a-kind quality makes them one of the most popular choices for parking lot pavement material.

This is due to the fact that porous asphalt and pavements allow water to permeate the surface and penetrate the earth below the pavement, reducing the likelihood of flooding and heavy water accumulation. Funding challenges and rising water levels on the road can cause hazardous driving conditions that can lead to traffic accidents and injuries.

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Porous Pavement

Porous asphalt is a fantastic option for commercial proprietors and building owners whose properties are located in flood zones, or in areas where water drainage. It is the most cost-effective solution to parking lot flooding and deep puddle accretion. Eliminating a drainage problem and commercial parking lots can save property owners a vast amount of money, sweat, and tears by reducing the chances of slip and fall lawsuits and parking lot accidents. Porous asphalt can help reduce all of these scenarios when installed as sidewalks, roads, driveways, parking lots, fire lanes, road shoulders, and more.

For any commercial perjury that have an upcoming pavement project, or for those business owners that require pavement repair or overhaul, here are various reasons why porous asphalt is the right choice in regards to cost effectiveness and long-term benefits:

Durability and Long-Life

Over time, porous pavements demonstrate significantly less cracking, splitting, crumbling, and breaking. This is true even for pavement’s oldest 20 years or more mission point. However, this sort of longevity is dependent upon its installation and maintenance. To extend the life of porous pavement, frequent sleeping and vacuuming is vital in order to reduce surface clogging.


When it comes to commercial projects, porous pavements promote substantially less runoff. This reduces costs in many ways and removes the need for a large detention basin. So long as porous asphalt is installed properly, it has the potential to soak up to 80% of a business’s annual run-off!


Porous pavement can offer a variety of benefits for the environment. It reduces the need for storm system basins and maintains a more manageable pavement temperature during hotter seasons and warmer climates. This means less susceptibility to cracking and splitting. The manufacturing process of porous asphalt is much more energy-efficient because it requires less energy to facilitate. It also reduces emissions, odors, and smoke by substantial amounts.

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A Few Facts Business Owners Should Be Aware of When it Comes to Permeable Pavement

For contractors and business owners, the right pavement is the metal the key, the vital, to the project’s success. Choosing improper paving choices can lead to various implications and obstacles for contractors in pavement repair technicians. Bad draining, crumbling and cracking, and much more are just a few to mention. This is why permeable asphalt, a porous paving option, is becoming the most popular and dependable choice for pavement projects and repair jobs.

Below are some reasons, and a few facts, business owners and contractors should be aware of when it comes to porous pavement material, such as asphalts.

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What is Porous Asphalt?

Porous asphalt is called a variety of names, including permeable asphalt, porous asphalt, pervious asphalt, porous pavement, and much more. Permeable asphalt and regular asphalt actually quite similar, however, they different certain ways as well. The chief difference between permeable asphalt and regular asphalt is that pervious asphalt lacks fine aggregates found in standard asphalt. Although it’s just a simple and tiny difference, the overall results can widely differ in appearance and durability.

What Benefits Does Pervious Asphalt Offer?

The definition of pervious or permeable is that it’s able to be penetrated through and through. This is one of the main reasons and benefits of permeable asphalt. It allows water and other liquids to pass through the pavement and into the ground below it. The advantage of this is to prevent surplus in puddles of water on top of the pavement; which subsequently, has additional advantages, including safer road conditions, reduced runoff, and decreased flooding on nearby surfaces, etc.

Why is Porous Pavement Beneficial for Business Owners?

Pervious asphalt is one of the most prevalent pavement choices among contractors and commercial proprietors. Although the initial cost is higher than regular asphalt, the long-lasting benefits, reduced cost of upkeep, and less routine maintenance are worth the purchase. Also, because porous pavement is permeable, water passes through and prevents excessive puddles which lead to costly damages; such as cracking, alligator cracking, crumbling, fading, and more.

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