The Benefits of Porous Asphalt for Commercial Properties

When we use the term, “porous”, we are referring to the permeable areas and holes within a certain kind of pavement; in this case, asphalt. It makes way for storm drainage and street flood challenges. This one-of-a-kind quality makes them one of the most popular choices for parking lot pavement material.

This is due to the fact that porous asphalt and pavements allow water to permeate the surface and penetrate the earth below the pavement, reducing the likelihood of flooding and heavy water accumulation. Funding challenges and rising water levels on the road can cause hazardous driving conditions that can lead to traffic accidents and injuries.

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Porous Pavement

Porous asphalt is a fantastic option for commercial proprietors and building owners whose properties are located in flood zones, or in areas where water drainage. It is the most cost-effective solution to parking lot flooding and deep puddle accretion. Eliminating a drainage problem and commercial parking lots can save property owners a vast amount of money, sweat, and tears by reducing the chances of slip and fall lawsuits and parking lot accidents. Porous asphalt can help reduce all of these scenarios when installed as sidewalks, roads, driveways, parking lots, fire lanes, road shoulders, and more.

For any commercial perjury that have an upcoming pavement project, or for those business owners that require pavement repair or overhaul, here are various reasons why porous asphalt is the right choice in regards to cost effectiveness and long-term benefits:

Durability and Long-Life

Over time, porous pavements demonstrate significantly less cracking, splitting, crumbling, and breaking. This is true even for pavement’s oldest 20 years or more mission point. However, this sort of longevity is dependent upon its installation and maintenance. To extend the life of porous pavement, frequent sleeping and vacuuming is vital in order to reduce surface clogging.


When it comes to commercial projects, porous pavements promote substantially less runoff. This reduces costs in many ways and removes the need for a large detention basin. So long as porous asphalt is installed properly, it has the potential to soak up to 80% of a business’s annual run-off!


Porous pavement can offer a variety of benefits for the environment. It reduces the need for storm system basins and maintains a more manageable pavement temperature during hotter seasons and warmer climates. This means less susceptibility to cracking and splitting. The manufacturing process of porous asphalt is much more energy-efficient because it requires less energy to facilitate. It also reduces emissions, odors, and smoke by substantial amounts.

Porous Pavement Services in Indianapolis

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