Facts About Thermoplastic Pavement Markings

If you are a business owner with a brick-and-mortar location, thermoplastic pavement markings should be something on your priority list. Your surrounding paved lot is more than an investment; it is also potential liability if not properly maintained. Furthermore, it must be kept in adherence to all local and state regulations, including ADA compliancy codes.

Continue reading to learn more about thermoplastic pavement markings, and what you can do to ensure your commercial or industrial lot is up to code and well-preserved for years to come.

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What are Thermoplastic Pavement Markings?

Thermoplastic pavement markings are a specially formulated type of polymer that turns into liquid form when exposed to high levels of heat; 392 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact! Once cooled, or cured as we pavement contractors say in the industry, thermoplastic pavement markings turn back into a solid. For this reason, they are used in a wide range of industries all across the world, including in applications for machinery parts and hardware, consumer goods, packaging, medical instruments and devices, stored materials, and of course, road safety and paving.

Hot Melt Marking Paint

In terms of road safety and paving applications, thermoplastic pavement markings are used as paint, also known as hot melt marking paint. As mentioned, this paint is heated to the high level of 392°F, which is the necessary temperature in order for thermoplastic marking paint to turn into a liquid. Once in liquid form, it can be applied to all sorts of flat, grounded surfaces in parking lots, roads, streets, and more.

For many pavement markings, templates, cut-outs, and stencils are used to create the needed symbol, marking, sign, or directive. Once the paint is poured, it is allowed to completely cool and hardened. At that point, the stencil is removed and what’s left is thick, wear-resistant markings that will last for years with good pavement care.

The most common types of markings made with thermoplastic pavement paint include:

▻ Handicap Spaces
▻ Parking Spaces
▻ Reserved Parking Spaces
▻ Arrows for Directing Traffic
▻ STOP Markings
▻ Emergency/Fire Lanes
▻ Crosswalks
▻ Bus Lanes
▻ SLOW Zones
▻ Bollard Posts
▻ Loading Docks
▻ Mobility Ramps
▻ Bike Lanes
▻ Curbs and Steps

Aside from their longevity and resistance to wear and tear, many proprietors are pleased with thermoplastic markings because they are bright, reflective, and deliver a higher level of aesthetic compared to regular pavement paint. Best of all, hot melt marking paint dries quickly, and can even be walked on or driven on after only a few minutes!

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The Advantages of Thermoplastic Pavement Markings

In a basic sense, thermoplastics are polymers that convert into a liquid when heated, but return to a solid form when cooled. When it comes to roads and other types of paved surfaces, thermoplastic markings play an important role.

Continue reading to learn more about thermoplastic pavement markings, and why they are an essential part of road safety.

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Indianapolis Road Marking 317-549-1833

Although thermoplastics are used widely applied in all sorts of trades, such as medical equipment, machine parts, and packaging, they are very important in the paving industry. In fact, they can even save lives. The process of applying thermoplastics for pavement markings involves heating a special type of road paint called “hot melt marking paint.” This specialized paint is heated to a temperature of 392 degrees Fahrenheit, melting it quickly into liquid that can then cool quickly once set. The result is a thick, bright, reflective, weather-resistant coating.

Road Templates

Pavement symbol and word templates, such as “FIRE LANE”, “NO PARKING”, handicap parking, interstate emblems, and more, make the use of thermoplastic hot melt marking paint much easier and much faster. These templates are filled in with thermoplastic hot melt marking paint to create these bright, reflective road markings we see in parking lots, streets, crosswalks, and highways. After just a few minutes, these markings are completely dried and finished.

Common Thermoplastic Road Markings:

Parking Spots
Reserved Parking
Stop Indicators
Handicap Spots
Fire Lanes
Emergency Vehicle Lanes
Taxi/Bus Lanes
No Parking Zones
Pedestrian Crosswalks
Traffic-Directing Arrows
Highway Divider Lines
Interstate Emblems
Registered Traffic Symbols

Road and Pedestrian Safety

Thermoplastic road markings play an important role in road and pedestrian safety. Their bright, reflective properties make them more visible, especially at night. They are highly reflective against the heads lights on vehicles, aiding pedestrians and cyclists alike. Thermoplastic road markings can also be manufactured in a wide variety of colors, and can last 6 to 8 times longer than standard road paint. They can even be designed with glass beads to create antiskid surfaces and improve traction.

Parking Lot Owners

If you have a commercial or public parking lot, it is wise to consider repainting all of the traffic signs, parking lines, pedestrian crossings, arrows, letters, numbers, and any officially-registered traffic symbols with thermoplastic technology. Many others have chosen thermoplastics, and have had great success. Talk to a licensed and insured Indianapolis paving company for personalized answers and advice for your paved lot.

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