Repairing Asphalt Over a Culvert

A culvert is a sewer conduit, drain, trench, or channel that crosses under a road, bridge, sidewalk, or other paved groundwork. It is a structure that allows water to pass below and through the foundation or paved surface. These surfaces can be a street, railroad, sidewalk, driveway, parking lot, and more. They are erected to provide bridge-like support for vehicular and foot traffic. From time to time, asphalt pavement above a culvert will need repaired or replaced, in both residential and commercial projects.

Continue reading to learn more about how pavement is repaired above a culvert, and who to call for more information about culverts and paving services in your town.

Drainage Culvert Paving 317-549-1833
Drainage Culvert Paving 317-549-1833

Culvert Pavement Repair

Culverts come in various shapes and sizes, such as elliptical, pear-shaped, flat-bottomed, rounded, and even box-like. Therefore, many factors will determine how soon a culvert repair job will be needed. For instance, natural wear and tear can weaken pavement located above a culvert. It is important to implement comprehensive repairs to pavement located above culverts, as to not damage the culvert in any way. This can lead to even more damage and costly repairs. Be sure to choose a licensed and experienced Indianapolis Asphalt and Concrete Repair Company for the most accurate and reliable culvert construction and pavement repair services.

The Process of Culvert Repair

To begin a job like this, pavement contractors will first use saw cut the apron approach area and then peel away the old asphalt using a skid steer. Once the asphalt and removed and the gravel is pushed to the side, the culvert pipe will most likely be exposed. If it is damaged, it will need to be replaced. If the old asphalt is raised, lifted, or bumpy, then the pipe will most likely be damaged as well and need replaced. As a side note, the old asphalt and culvert pipe can be recycled and reused!

At this point, the base is ready to be set. Most contractors use a bed of crushed stone. Next, the culvert is positioned on top of the crushed stone, and the sides are packed in with this crushed material as well. This guarantees proper placement. When culverts are installed in dirt or poor-quality gravel-like material, it can cause future complications and needed repairs.

Once the stone bed is set and the culvert is situated and packed in, flares are installed to open up the ends of the piping. These flares permit paving contractors to pack-in the gravel and asphalt by hand, in order to taper it to the ditch line properly. They also promote better durability against weed over-growth and storm wash-outs.

When the pipe is replaced and the culvert is set up, the rest of the pavement project can continue as normal. The stone base and layers of asphalt can be applied as usual. When this kind of pavement repair job is done incorrectly, heaving and large bumps will appear. If there were complications with the initial culvert construction, the new pavement repair job should not be affected in any way; so long as the company uses the proper equipment, tools, and procedures.

Indianapolis Culvert Paving and Repair Services

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