Signs that Suggest Sewer Drain or Manhole Repair

Routine audits and inspections of sewage drains and manholes should always be included in a property or complex’s maintenance plan. Business owners, facility managers, and property managers are expected to stay on top of their maintenance plans in order to avoid costly repairs and construction needs. You are bound to see such manholes and drains in commercial parking lots, alley ways, residential backyards, easements, and more.

By implementing effective regular maintenance and inspection for these areas, sewage drains and manholes can last a lifetime without any problems. There are several circumstances and conditions that cause sewer drains and more to experience problems, wear, and tear. Most circumstances are simply natural elements; such as rain, ice, snow, nature, and wind. Many others are man-made contributions, like heavy traffic conditions, poor quality parts, and poor maintenance.

Continue reading to learn the 3 principle signs that suggest your property’s manhole or sewage drain needs repaired.

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Water Accumulation

When you begin to notice large pooling and water puddles surrounding a drain or manhole, this is a sign that something is not quite right. This could mean there is something wrong with the drainage system. Water pooling can also occur at the base of curbs and sidewalks as well. Not only can a drainage issue become a larger and more costly repair for a property owner, it can cause troubles for pedestrians, customers, drivers, and more. This is a problem that should be addressed and solved as soon as possible because it will become a more serious repair overtime. Other possible causes of water pooling could be from poor slope planning, improper parking lot aesthetics, and diminished pavement quality.

Blockage and Backups

Sewers and manholes see a lot of waste and debris pass through, which can also lead to problems. Over an extended period, this waste can accumulate and create blockages, ultimately leading to clogged pipes, water pooling, and more. This can cause serious deterioration to your property’s pavement, we well as, the drainage systems. Leaves, garbage, litter, animal waste, and more are all common wastes that can build up and cause blockages. Annual inspections and maintenance are the only way to control and supervise these conditions. If you are noticing an abundance of leaves and litter accumulating around your sewer drains, you could have this problem.

Brick and Motor Deterioration

Another sign that a manhole or sewer drain needs serviced is visible deterioration of the brick and mortar. Mostly extreme weather conditions and natural erosion are the causes behind these problems; however, man-made mistakes can also cause this to happen; such as poor pavement installation, improper drainage planning, and use of low quality asphalt or concrete. One the integrity of the brick and mortar is compromised, the rest of the erosion process happens quickly. Immediate pavement repair is needed to stop the deterioration in its tracks, and prevent additional costly repairs down the line.

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