Top Engineering Benefits of Smooth Asphalt

Asphalt is not a complicated building material. In fact, it is mostly comprised of gravel, sand, stone, and some form of binder, often asphalt cement. However, do not let the simplicity of asphalt fool you. It happens to be one of the most sustainable and beneficial building materials in the country. Furthermore, it must be installed precisely in order to render a smooth, balanced surface. The smoother the asphalt, the better it performs, which can impact several areas of your commercial or industrial complex, including safety, efficiency, and the overall success of your business.

Not convinced that smooth asphalt is better? Continue reading to learn the top engineering benefits of smoother asphalt to get the real facts behind its importance.

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Smoother Asphalt is Better Asphalt

Here’s Why:

⛖ The smoother the asphalt, the longer it lasts. Smooth asphalt is known to last 10 to 25 percent longer than conventional pavements.

⛖ Smoother pavements maximize surface area contact with tires. This promotes a higher level of traction, and therefore, safety.

⛖ Smoother pavements save drivers on fuel costs. Vehicles simply get better gas mileage on smoother roads; up to 10% in savings, on average.

⛖ Smoother pavements are safer for a vehicle. Rough roads can affect tires, brakes, suspension, shocks, and several other mechanical components necessary for safe and efficient operation.

⛖ Since smoother asphalt roads are kinder on vehicles, drivers save more money on fuel and repair costs.

⛖ Smoother asphalt is much more attractive. They look nicer, which can increase curb appeal, and ultimately, property value.

⛖ Smooth asphalt requires less maintenance. After 10 or 15 years, it will require a routine milling and overlay. Other than that, simple daily and weekly upkeep is all it needs to last and last.

⛖ Smoother asphalt is more enjoyable and safer for bicyclists, motorcycle riders, and pedestrians.

⛖ Smooth asphalt is quieter and even skid-resistant. Noise reduction is a big bonus for many commercial properties, including schools, hotels, apartment complexes, and more. Recent research showed that asphalt pavement can reduce highway noise by 3 to 5 dB(A) or more!

⛖ A smooth asphalt surface is installed without pavement joints, which makes the ride smoother and more comfortable, but also decreases crack and pothole development.

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