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All public-oriented properties should have attractive pavements for the purpose of appeal, but their pavements should also be well-maintained for the sake of pedestrian and driver safety. One of the most important areas to maintain are walking areas, like sidewalks and walkways. Additionally, sidewalk and walkway fixtures must also be up to code, such as curbs, steps, speed bumps, lamp posts, and ramps. Crumbling, cracked, unleveled, poorly lit, or similarly defective walkways, are potential sidewalk hazards that could pose the risk of injuries, as well as, negligence lawsuits in the case that someone is seriously injured as a result of unkempt pavement.

So as you can see, damaged sidewalks are more than just an eye sore or bad first impression, they are also a liability. If your public sidewalks need some restoration or repaving, help is just a phone call away! ACI Asphalt & Concrete is your solution to top-quality, out-lasting sidewalk and walkway paving in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer a wide range of commercial, industrial, and municipal sidewalk paving services, from concrete sidewalks and footpaths, to walkways, curbs, steps, stoops, ramps, rails, and much more.

Aside from using premium materials to provide comprehensive asphalt and concrete repair services, we make the sidewalk restoration and repair process even easier for our clients by offering free estimates, flexible scheduling, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all work. Like thousands of Hoosiers before you, this will give you confidence that we are the true industry professionals to choose for all your concrete paving requirements. Contact Us at 317-5491833 to learn more about repairing or repaving sidewalks in Indianapolis.

Here are the Primary Sidewalk Paving Services We Offer:
  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Curb Repair
  • Sidewalk Replacement
  • Walking Paths
  • Golf Cart Paths
  • Sidewalk Maintenance
  • Concrete Step Repair
  • Rubber Speed Bumps
  • Curb Rash Repair
  • Sidewalk Removal
  • Sidewalk Construction
  • Biking Paths
  • Sidewalk Lamp Posts
  • Concrete Ramps
  • Catch Basins/Storm Drains
  • Plus More!
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