The Advantages of Asphalt Skin Patching

Indianapolis Asphalt Repair 317-549-1833

Indianapolis Asphalt Repair 317-549-1833

For parking lots that have low or depressed points, asphalt skin patching is a suitable method of repair so long as the underlying structure of the pavement is in sound condition. Asphalt skin patching is also an effective method of repair for small areas of parking lot pavement that have begun to deteriorate or ravel. Continue reading to learn more about asphalt skin patching, including a basic explanation of its application process and why it is such a valuable method of pavement repair.

The Application Process

Asphalt patch repair projects generally start off with a comprehensive inspection of the parking lot pavement, followed by an implementation of all necessary minor repairs and maintenance for the concrete surfaces adjacent to the asphalt. Next, the area to be repaired is cleared of all debris and covered with a professional-grade tack coat to prepare the surface for adhesion of new material.

Once the tack coat is applied, the new asphalt is poured on top, and then compacted into place using a commercial vibratory roller or tamping compactor. Often times, the finished surface where asphalt has been patched will be raised higher than the existing pavement it surrounds. For this reason, paving contractors will usually blend in the edges as much as possible (also called feathering) to finish the project. Once the patch is leveled, the remaining debris is swept clear and the final stages of asphalt repair can take place, including seal coating and painting.

The Benefits

⛿ Cost-Effective Alternative to Asphalt Demolition and Replacement
⛿ Eliminates Low Spots and Unappealing Pavement Depressions
⛿ Seamless Integration of Old and New Pavement
⛿ Allows for Early Detection of Subgrade Issues
⛿ Same-Day Project Completion (varies)

Indianapolis Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

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