The Benefits of Asphalt Subgrade Stabilization

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Indianapolis Asphalt Paving 317-549-1833

When the existing base or subgrade material is altered for the purpose of improving its strength and durability prior to asphalt pavement installation, the process is called base stabilization. This is closely related to a similar process in the paving industry called soil stabilization, in which soil or soil components are enhanced so that paving material can be installed on top. So why is base stabilization necessary in the asphalt paving process? Continue reading to find out.

The Importance of Subgrade Stabilization

Subgrade stabilization allows for proper asphalt paving. Not only does it decrease the plasticity of a base, it also lowers the water content, all of which increases its strength. The process of subgrade stabilization is complex, and several factors influence the methods and level of difficulty. Because of this, it is necessary to make test out a few different mixtures the find the proper combination suitable for the particular paving application.

Influential Factors include but are not limited to:

⚎ The condition of the existing and underlying soil;
⚎ The degree of base plasticity;
⚎ The depth of the local water table;
⚎ The current freeze/thaw conditions.

Subgrade Stabilization Advantages

Base stabilization provides many benefits, including the ones mentioned earlier. Aside from strength, water content, and plasticity, stabilizing a subgrade is highly cost-effective solution for soil instability problems. This is especially true for swampy or sandy areas and marshlands. Additionally, subgrade stabilization is environmentally-friendly since the chemicals used to treat the soil reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also, less energy is used since the materials for soil stabilization are on the low end of the energy-utilization spectrum.

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