Will Rain Affect My Newly Laid Asphalt?

Rain affects the process and outcome of a lot of outdoor activities and projects; from picnics and exercise, to gardening, construction, and more, anything done outdoors will be either delayed or made more challenging by the weather. But what about new asphalt pavements? We know that rain has an impact on dry asphalt; but does it affect asphalt during the curing phase?

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about post-installation pavement care, as well as, how you can expect rainfall to affect your curing asphalt.

Indianapolis Asphalt Installation and Repair 317-549-1833
Indianapolis Asphalt Installation and Repair 317-549-1833

Rain and Asphalt Installation

There is no way around it; asphalt cannot be installed when it is raining outside. Furthermore, asphalt installation projects must be postponed if it has rained recently and the ground is still wet. Why? Asphalt mixtures contain oil, and we all know how oil and water react when they come into contact: oil repels water. So when rain comes into contact with fresh asphalt, it causes the oil to rise to the surface. This affects the asphalt curing process and the finished result in a number of ways.

First, the overall quality of the project will be jeopardized, and likely reduced. This includes structural reinforcement and stability, as well as, aesthetics, performance, and longevity. In the case that newly-laid asphalt is subjected to rainfall or water, holes and cracks can form, eventually leading to a crumbling mess of potholes and other major pavement damages. Cracks and severe damage can also occur as a result of installing asphalt when the ground is still wet from a recently rainfall.

How to Prevent Asphalt Pavement Damage

High quality asphalt pavements that perform well and last for a long time all start with proper installation. Proper installation is the most critical factor. This means that the most important job for you as a commercial or industrial property owner is to hire a skilled and reputable paving company to get the job done right. Look for experience, licensing, insurance, and client testimonials to confirm you are choosing a qualified crew. Or skip the hassle and call ACI Asphalt and Concrete Inc. at 317-549-1833 for all your commercial paving services in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas!

Indianapolis Asphalt Installation and Repair

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