The General Process of Concrete Installation

When your commercial property is in need of concrete installation or restoration, it is wise to learn what to expect from the process. Your lot is an investment, so you want to do whatever you can to be prepared to obtain the best possible results. The first place to start is hiring a reputable and experienced paving company to ensure that your concrete install job is carried out precisely to code; otherwise, you can face premature repairs and replacements down the line. After all, the number one cause of concrete defectiveness is poor or improper installation.

Once you hire a licensed, bonded, and insured pavement installation company, your concrete installation process will begin. The process differs from company to company, but the general steps tend to remain universal. Continue below to learn the basic process of professional concrete installation, as well as, who to trust for your concrete paving needs in Indianapolis.

Commercial Concrete Paving 317-549-1833
Commercial Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Concrete Installation Steps

STEP 1: On-Site Estimate

To begin, a company estimator will come to your property and perform an on-site evaluation. During this evaluation, they will confirm the condition of your current grounds or pavement, and configure a plan for installation. At the end of the evaluation, the estimator will provide a detailed, written quote outlining all of the recommended modifications and work needed for the overall project. For instance, your estimator might tell you at this time that extra work needs to be done to reinforce the ground beneath the installation site since concrete performs better on solid, stable soil.

STEP 2: Site Preparation

Once you agree to have the work done, the paving crews will arrive on the scheduled work day. They will use this initial day to organize all the materials, set up all of the equipment and machinery,and prepare the site for concrete installation. Contractors will typically test the machinery to make sure everything is working properly,and even go over the gravel base a few times to check the quality and condition of their equipment. Once they know their fleets are ready for paving, they can begin any structural work that’s needed, like ground reinforcements and more.

STEP 3: Screeding and Smoothing

Paving contractors are likely to start out with a technique known as “screeding”, which is basically leveling the concrete if any exists on the site already. To do this, pavers use flat boards and other screeding tools to smooth out the concrete after it has been placed to help with flattening. Concrete dries fast, so in this same step, pavers will utilize other tools and techniques to smooth and even out the concrete as it cures.

STEP 4: Curing

Once the concrete is laid and cured, the pavers will then apply a concrete curing agent to the surface. This product is designed to slow down the rate of water-loss over a month’s time, which will render stronger, longer-lasting, and better-looking concrete. It takes 7 to 10 days for newly laid concrete to fully cure. During this time, it is important to keep all foot and vehicular traffic off of it, including animals.

STEP 5: Clean Up and Check Up

When the paving crew is finished with the last step, they will clean up their work site, pack up all of their equipment and machinery, and head off! It is also standard practice for them to implement post-service checkups, both on-site and over the phone.

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