3 Cost-Effective Methods for Pot Hole Repair

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Pothole Repair Indianapolis 317-549-1833

It is common for asphalt to breakdown, weaken, crack, or crumble. These effects happen as a result of normal, everyday wear and tear from traffic and weather, as well as, improper sealcoating, paving, and more. Pot holes, also known as chuck holes, are one of the damaging effects that results from asphalt deterioration. They can range in size, depth, and shape, and fluctuate in expansion rates depending on a variety of factors. And pot holes will only continue to expand and worsen until they are repaired.

The umbrella method for pot hole repair is asphalt patching. This process can be accomplished using three different methods. The method used will depend on several variables. Continue reading to learn what these methods are, and who to talk to when you need asphalt pot hole repair for your property.

Types of Pothole Repair

Regardless of how you choose to have your property’s potholes repaired, it is important to do it as soon as possible. This is because pot holes tend to get worse, and they will continue to get bigger and wider as time goes on. The three main methods for pothole repair include hot asphalt mix, cold asphalt mix, and polyurethane asphalt mix. These are all cost-effective and efficient methods for repairing and patching pot holes in asphalt. Look below for a brief description of each process.

Cold Asphalt

Cold asphalt is mixed and poured at a lower temperature than other asphalt mixes, but its lifespan is not as long. After the pothole is cleaned, the cold asphalt mix is poured inside, compacted, and left to cure. It is easy to work with and low in cost.

Hot Asphalt

Hot asphalt is a common choice for larger-scale pothole repairs because it is less available in smaller quantities. It is mixed and poured at an average temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Compaction by must be completed before it cools, and should be carried out by a heavy pavement roller. Hot asphalt lasts longer than cold asphalt, yet still cost-effective for the average property owner’s budget.

Polyurethane Asphalt

Polyurethane asphalt is customary option for pot hole patching because they last a long time, which is cost-effective for property owners. So long as the asphalt mix can be properly dried, it can be used all year round, in any season. After the polyurethane is mixed and spread in the hole, it is compacted and covered with topping sand. This makes its ready for use in as little as one hour!

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