Ditch the Gravel and Choose Asphalt for Driveway Installation!

Many homeowners go back and forth between the pros and cons of gravel driveways. In this blog, you will learn why you should just ditch the idea of gravel driveways, and choose asphalt pavement instead! Continue reading to review some facts about gravel driveways and roads that will paint an unappealing picture compared to the benefits of asphalt driveways.

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Gravel Driveways

Let’s talk gravel for a moment. It is, after all, the most widely-used material for residential driveways in the country! But this doesn’t mean it is the best option for driveway installation. You see, gravel is cheap. In fact, it is the cheapest and easiest option for driveways. This is why many homeowners with second homes or homes with extremely long driveways have opted for gravel. It is an instant “face-lift” for a property with a dirt driveway. And it can be used almost immediately after installation. Yes, these are a few advantages of gravel, but again, these advantages do not make gravel a good choice for driveways.

Here’s why gravel is not so great for residential driveway installation:

Snow and Ice Cause Problems. Removing snow and ice from gravel driveways is not an easy, or even 100% possible, task. Not only does the act of physically removing snow from gravel disturb the placement and elevation of the rock, it is back-breaking work. It can cause sinkholes and more in certain areas of the driveway that are equally as hazardous as potholes in the street. Sand and salt are the only practical options for snow and ice removal on gravel, and this could be an environmental concern for some.

Elevation Issues and Sinkholes. Sinkholes and dips in gravel form overtime from standard wear and tear. Not only does this require routine gravel re-fills and raking, it means that there is an increased chance of tire and vehicular damage, as well as, pedestrian injuries. Gravel is not always a safe walking platform. If not properly raked and filled, loose gravel can cause cosmetic damages to vehicles, like dents, scratches, nicks, and more. And it can also clog certain areas of a vehicle’s undercarriage.

Dust and Dirt. Especially in the warmer months when the ground tends to be drier, gravel driveways can lead to an abundance of dust, dirt, and debris in the surrounding air. This dander is spread and lifted even more when vehicles drive on the gravel. You can expect the exterior of your home to be dusty, as well as, all exterior commodities, like porch swings, furniture, lawn décor, and more. This certainly increases your personal power washing duties each year!

Poor Appearance. Gravel, if not artistically raked everyday, will retain tire marks and more. This doesn’t look pretty. And even with a grid installed beneath, weeds and grass can eventually grow upwards and through the gravel if the grid cracks; also not very pretty. It can make a home or property appear less refined and modern, thus reducing the property’s perceived value.

Learn why asphalt is a good choice for driveways, and decide for yourself which is a better fit for your home and property. Contact a local pavement contractor for answers to your driveway installation questions and more.

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