FAQS About Asphalt and Concrete

When deciding on pavement repair options for your property, it is important to do as much research as possible to ensure you make the right decision. It is strongly recommended to speak with a licensed and bonded Indianapolis paving company for professional guidance you can trust. In the meantime, a great place to start is by reviewing some frequently asked questions about asphalt and concrete.

Continue reading to learn about their differences, types, average costs, applications, and more!

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

What Makes Asphalt and Concrete Different?

Asphalt and concrete are made from different materials, giving them separate sets of qualities, both positive and negative. Asphalt is generally a bitumen and tar-based material that is primarily used for coatings, sealing road joints, and blacktops or roads. Concrete is mostly comprised of cement and other aggregates, like sand, pebbles, or crushed rock. Because of its high compressible strength and versatility, it is commonly used in the building and construction industry.

Is Concrete Cheaper Than Asphalt?

When it comes to installation, asphalt is not only cheaper, but easier as well. It is also easier to repair compared to concrete pavements. However, asphalt does requires more routine maintenance. Per square foot, the average cost of asphalt ranges between $2 and $4, depending on crude oil prices and other economic factors. Concrete is more expensive, averaging between $3 and $10, depending on various factors. However, it is easier to care for and lasts a lot longer than asphalt pavements. When you add in maintenance costs for asphalt, the overall price nearly balances out to the same as concrete.

Which Pavements are Best for Asphalt? For Concrete?

Asphalt and concrete are suitable materials for roads, highways, sidewalks, tarmacs, landing strips, and much more. They are both used in the road construction industry, as well as the building and property construction industry. When choosing between the two, you want to consider the unique variables of your property to determine the best option. Talk to your licensed paver for professional advice.

Can Asphalt Be Installed Over Concrete?

Concrete is strong and allows for excellent compaction, making it a suitable base for an asphalt overlay. In fact, several of the roads you drive on have concrete foundations deep underneath them! However, if you wish to overlay a concrete surface with asphalt, you must understand that there can be factors that can generate negative side effects. Consult a professional paver for advice that is unique to your particular property.

Where Can I Find Trusted Indianapolis Paving Near Me?

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ACI Asphalt Concrete 317-549-1833

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