The Advantages of Commercial Dumpster Corrals

When you go shopping at your local department store, or hit the drive-thru of your favorite fast food shack, you may notice a little area to the side of the building or parking lot that houses a dumpster or two. This is called a “dumpster corral” in the construction industry; and although they may seem mundane, dumpster corrals can offer a wide range of benefits for both commercial property owners and their patrons.

Continue reading to learn why your commercial lot should be planned with a dumpster corral, and who to call to get trusted paving service near you.

Commercial Paving 317-549-1833

Commercial Paving 317-549-1833

A commercial property can serve many crowds, primarily guests, visitors, customers, clients, employees, residents, and patients, and more. Dumpster corrals can benefit all of these parties, including the business owners and proprietors themselves. And trash is not the only thing they are good for. Overall, a dumpster corral gives a commercial property a higher level of class by enhancing aesthetic appeal, comfort, convenience, property value, safety, security, and sanitation.

Location is Key

Dumpster corrals are generally incorporated in a designated, central area. They can be attached to the side or back of a building, or at the end of a parking lot. Their location provides benefits by making it easier and more convenient to access by residents or employees. It’s location also averts illegal trash dumping, which is a frequent problem for commercial buildings in metropolitan areas.

Another great advantage to the location of a dumpster corral is odor and waste management. Many commercial properties do not want their guests, customers, or clients smelling the rotting odors of garbage as they enter the premises. Furthermore, it can be unsanitary to have garage within range of guests. A dumpster corral can mitigate odor and safeguard against unhygienic environments.

Dumpster corrals also hide garbage, which is easier on the eyes from a curb appeal standpoint. No one wants to go inside a store or restaurant when there is a dumpster full of garbage in sight. That can certainly turn off even the most loyal patron. With a barrier fence as a component to most dumpster corrals, guests and customers will not get a glance before entering the building.

Pavement Protection

You wouldn’t think that a dumpster corral could protect the pavement beneath it, but it really can. Dumpster corrals are made with more concrete, cement, or asphalt to add stability to the structure. This actually reinforces the pavement around the corral, providing better performance and increase longevity of the pavement. This added reinforcement protects against the weight of the containers and garbage trucks, as well as, grease, chemicals, and other types of trash that can damage pavement.

Learn more about the benefits of dumpster corrals and pavement maintenance by talking to a licensed, insured, and bonded Indianapolis paving company you can trust.

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