Tips for Planning a Parking Lot Expansion

Parking lot expansion is a common pavement installation undertaking for commercial properties that need more parking space. Also, the addition of new equipment, inventory increases, and vehicles can be plenty reason enough to expand a parking lot as well. Regardless of why you wish or need to expand a commercial or industrial parking lot, it is important to be well-informed of the basics to parking lot expansion ahead of time, and to learn what to expect from your commercial pavers.

Continue reading for a few simple tips for planning a parking lot expansion.

Parking Lot Paving Services 317-549-1833
Parking Lot Paving Services 317-549-1833

Parking Lot Installation Basics

Whether you have an asphalt or concrete parking lot, additional parking lot installation and expansion is possible. However, there are a few things to consider before moving forward with parking lot installation or expansion project. With these simple tips in mind, you can better make an informed decision you can rely on.

Here are 3 important tips when planning to expand your parking lot:

❶ Be Aware of Your Parking Lot Pavement Needs

It is important to be informed of all your parking lot’s individual needs. This means discussing drainage, preventative maintenance, seal coating, and more. Ask your paving contractor how new asphalt or concrete is added to expand a parking lot, as well as, how they plan to incorporate the proper drainage solutions for the added surface area. If your current lot has issues, it is wise to discuss those issues with your contractor and have them resolved before new pavement is installed. Find out what all your parking lot needs are with your contractor before signing on the dotted line.

❷ Outsource Professional Pavement Installation

For the most professional parking lot expansion, you will need to hire a well-qualified pavement company. This means they should be licensed, bonded, and insured, with several years of experience. Ask about their equipment and whether or not their employees are certified and pre-screened. All of these and more are indications that they are a well-established and trusted paving company in the local community. You can also look for client reviews online and ask to see completed parking lot jobs they’ve done in the past to see what their skill levels look like.

❸ Learn About Parking Lot Maintenance

Anyone can have a new parking addition added to their existing lot, but the key is to maintain it for as long as possible! If you are investing in a new or expanded parking lot, it is strongly encouraged to learn proper and effective parking lot maintenance. Routine care for parking lots is vital in order to extend the life of your pavement and reduce the need for future repairs. This includes daily sweeping, staying on top of cracks and pothole repairs, and opting for a quality seal coat. Ask your paving contractor for details about parking lot maintenance and care.

Parking Lot Repair and Paving Professionals in Indianapolis

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