When and When Not to Resurface Asphalt

Asphalt comes in many forms, but regardless of which type of asphalt pavement you have on your property, it will require a certain level of maintenance and repair. One of the most efficient and effective methods of asphalt repair is resurfacing. Although asphalt resurfacing is an excellent approach, it is not always in the cards.

Continue reading to learn when you should choose to have your asphalt pavements resurfaced, and when you shouldn’t.

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When NOT to Resurface

Asphalt resurfacing involves removing the top layer of pavement, and then covering it with a new layer of fresh asphalt. This provides many benefits, as it is cost-effective, quick, and renders an instant visual advantage. But if your asphalt pavement is not in a good condition, resurfacing is not a good idea. Here is how you know you should not resurface your asphalt:

POTHOLES – If your pavement has potholes, whether driveway or parking lot, you should not resurface. When the subgrade below an area of asphalt erodes, it falls in on itself, forming a pothole. So covering it with an asphalt overlay will only be a temporary fix since the base is not secure.

PATTERNED CRACKS – If you have some small cracks, it is not a problem. However, if your pavement has alligator or spider web-like crack patterns throughout the surface, it will not respond well to resurfacing. Just like potholes, such cracks are an indication of structural failure of the asphalt’s subgrade.

RAIN – If rain is in the forecast, asphalt resurfacing should not be on the calendar. See our blog, “Will Rain Affect My Newly Laid Asphalt?” to learn why.

When it is Safe to Resurface

If your asphalt is well-suited for a resurfacing project, you will know because it will not have the above-mentioned damages and vulnerabilities. If your pavement looks dull and old, it is a perfect opportunity to choose asphalt resurfacing. Also, if your pavement has a solid base and few surface damages, it is well-suited for resurfacing. Best of all, asphalt overlays perform better in the winter since they attract heat and melt snow and ice faster. Not only does this make driving safer, it makes property snow maintenance easier, and reduces damages caused by harsh winter weather.

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