Hazardous Winter Weather Effects for Roads and Other Pavements

All adverse weather can cause problems for concrete and asphalt pavements, but especially winter weather. There is a substantial increase in moisture and precipitation during the cold season, like rain, ice, and snow. These elements, and other factors, greatly contribute to the natural wear and tear of roads and pavements, as well as, accelerated deterioration and degeneration.

Continue reading to learn about the hazardous effects of winter weather on roads and other types of pavements.

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Permeable Pavements

Permeable means porous and penetrable. Many forms of concrete and asphalt are permeable pavements. This means water and moisture can penetrate the surface of pavements and seep deep into the pores. Most asphalt is non-permeable, while other forms of asphalt lack the pertinent aggregate material needed to thwart this occurrence. Concrete on the other hand, is porous and permeable, which is why we often see it in distress during this time of year and after long, harsh, winter seasons. There are benefits of porous pavements in regards to winter weather, but there are many more damages that occur in comparison.

The advantage of porous or permeable pavement in wintertime is that it reduces the accumulation of standing water on roads and walkways. This prevents slippery areas and ice formation that can cause serious car accidents, slips, trips, and falls. Because the water on the surface of the pavement seeps into the pores, it is not flooding the street and freezing into ice.

Damages That Result From Winter Conditions

When water seeps into the pores of any pavement, it is filtered down to the rock bed, along with oil and other substances collected in the water. In the colder seasons, this water eventually freezes, causing the pores in the pavement to expand. When you see cracks, fissures, and crumbling concrete or asphalt, this is mostly likely the cause. The freeze-thaw cycles can greatly deteriorate pavements overtime, or even after just one harsh winter season.

Potholes, cracks, crevices, and crumbling pavement can be seen on sidewalks, curbs, driveways, parking lots, interstates, roadways, and streets everywhere. In order to stop this from happening, we need to continue innovating better technology for commercial and public pavement. This is why it is important for commercial property owners to consult a licensed pavement contractor for accurate and reliable advice regarding the appropriate type of pavement for your particular climate and region.

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