3 Types of Tar-Free Coal Seal Coats for Asphalt

Seal coats are used for a number of reasons. They not only improve the appearance of asphalt by maintaining that desirable uniform dark-black color, but they also protect pavement from oxygen, moisture, natural wear and tear, and other likely damages. Sealcoating is applied by brush or spray methods, and typically lasts anywhere from 2 to 4 years, depending on the region, climate, and other variables. Reapplication is necessary to support longevity and value in asphalt pavements. There are various forms of asphalt mix, most of which are made from emulsions and aggregate materials. Asphalt emulsions are essentially liquids that would otherwise separate without a form of additive.

Continue reading to learn three examples of common coal tar-free asphalt emulsions.

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Types of Asphalt Seal Coats

Sealcoats are safer and easier to apply when they contain water. After application, the water evaporates, the remaining binders (oils and solids) cure to a perfect uniform lawyer that effectively blocks out moisture and oxygen; two elements that are most damaging to asphalt. Here are three kinds of asphalt seal coats:

Chip Seal

This is a sealcoat asphalt emulsion that is made from 60% asphalt and 40% water. The top is finished with one or more layer of fine aggregate material. This process is often referred to as asphaltic surface treatment, and is frequently used on rural roads with lower volumes of traffic. It is a popular alternative to asphalt re-sealing, but not always the best choice for all pavements. It is primarily used to reinforce roads and make new roads more durable.

Fog Seal Emulsions

Fog seal emulsions are generally 30% binder material, and 50% or more of water. It also contains various polymers and additives to enhance the product’s performance. There are a few different types of fog seal emulsions. They include acrylic emulsions, coal tar pitch emulsions, asphalt petroleum-based emulsions, and Gilsonite® emulsions.

Slurry Sealcoat

Slurry sealcoats are asphalt emulsions that are made with aggregate materials, mineral fillers, and additives. This mixture of ingredients bonds with the pavement surface and creates a barrier against weather, moisture, and oxygen.

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