Asphalt versus Concrete Pavement

There are two main options for contractors and homeowners when it comes to choosing a type of pavement for their lot or driveway; asphalt and concrete. Although both pavements are wide-spread and common for parking lots, driveways, roads, and more; concrete is seeing less popularity in recent years due to the increase in asphalt construction.

Let’s take a look at the difference between asphalt paving and concrete paving so that you can decide on your own which pavement type is best for your commercial or residential needs.

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Indianapolis Commercial Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Concrete Pavement

Concrete is known best for its longevity. It can last up to fifty years without needing replaced. So why is concrete in less demand for public parking lots, new construction, and driveways? Concrete can have a tendency to crack in cold or freezing temperatures. Concrete repair is possible; however, it requires a lot of effort and preferably, some experience.

Other aspects of concrete are not very likable as well, including the fact that concrete can fade, discolor, or create pits from laying salt to melt snow and ice. Concrete can easily discolor from oil stains and other types of spills. These stains can be very difficult to remove. Because of the concrete color and look, stains and deterioration stand out more and are much more evident than in asphalt.

Here are some other facts about concrete pavement driveways, parking lots, and roads:


• Concrete Lasts up to 50 Years
• Does Not Require Seal-coating
• Concrete Can Be Painted, Molded, and Carved with Design
• Comes in Multiple Finishes
• Very Durable


• Concrete is More Expensive
• Concrete Cracks in Freezing Weather
• Difficult to Repair
• Requires Longer Drying Time
• More Prone to Cracks

Asphalt Pavement

In comparison to concrete, asphalt paving has many differences and even a few similarities. For example, asphalt is made from tar, not cement. It is used in parking lots, roads, walkways, and now driveways more than ever. It is more limited than concrete when talking aesthetics; however, there are many advantages to consider when it comes to asphalt pavement.

So why is asphalt becoming such a popular substitution for concrete paving? Let’s take a closer look:


• Cheaper
• Easy to Repair
• Fast to Install
• Easy Maintenance
• Sleek Look


• Less Color Options
• Less Durable than Concrete
• Requires Re-sealing Every Few Years
• Difficult to Repair
• Lasts up to 20 Years
• Become Softer in High Heat

Depending on where you live and what type of land you intend to pave, asphalt and concrete can both be good options. It is best to consult a professional paving company for information and advice about concrete and asphalt pavement. They can give you answers to the hard questions, and help you decide which pavement suits your needs best.

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