What are the Signs of a Slab Leak?

Many homes are built on top of a concrete slab foundation. Beneath these concrete slabs, you will find a system of plumbing pipes that were installed before the home was constructed. A slab leak is simply a leak within this system of plumbing pipes, and whose indications are so subtle, they can go undetected for many months or even years. This is because they are located underneath a home and hidden from public view. In the plumbing industry, very little is known about slab leaks because of this very reason. Once detected, slab leaks are extremely troublesome to deal with and can lead to costly repair bills.

Continue reading to learn your options for repairing slab leaks in commercial pavements.

Parking Lot Repair 317-549-1833
Parking Lot Repair 317-549-1833

Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks cause a plethora of problems for homeowners and even plumbing contractors as well, creating additional damages to your home or property. Repairs commonly involve tearing up flooring, rebuilding the foundation entirely, and more. If you suspect that you have slab leak within your home’s foundation, it is important to take immediate action before the implications become worse.

Here are the common signs that have been discovered over the years in the plumbing industry, and indicate your home or property may have slab leaks:

• Faint Sound of Running Water
• Increased Utility Bills
• Hot Spots or Cold Spots on the Floor
• Swampy Areas in the Lawn
• Wet or Moist Basement
• Other Wet Spots In or Around the Home
• And More

Slab leaks happen for various reasons. Lines can become kinked during installation, pipe corrosion, incorrectly wrapped pipes, friction, and more are all possible culprits behind slab leaks. When you have a slab leak, there are several options to choose from in order to fix the problem. The first step in discovering these options is to call a professional in the industry that can give you accurate and reliable information about concrete slabs and foundations, as well as, what to do when you have a slab leak.

Indianapolis Pavement Repair Contractors

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for commercial slab leak repair paving services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our licensed and qualified paving contractors provide several Indianapolis asphalt and concrete paving services, including pavement repair, sealcoating, road work, commercial paving, industrial paving, winter cold patching, and more. We are the industry veterans to trust for skilled craftsmanship and competitive prices! Request a free estimate, today.

Winter Cold Patching and Pot Hole Repair

In the wintertime, roads and tarmacs are more vulnerable to damages and deterioration. It is during this time that we notice more and more pot holes in our way. Pot holes are a huge implication when it comes to driving and safe road conditions. They are detrimental to our vehicle’s well-being; but more importantly, our safety. Not only can pot holes damage our vehicles, they can cause us to lose control and drive off the road; or worse, wreck!

In the winter, the weather goes through various freeze and thaw cycles, making existing pot holes and chuck holes even larger! This makes driving more dangerous, as well as, creates more and more pot holes on the road. Pot hole repair and winter cold patching are the most effective and time-friendly solution to pot hole repair and road repair.

Continue reading to learn more about winter cold patching, pot hole repair, and additional preventative maintenance for concrete and asphalt roads.

Indianapolis Pavement Repair 317-549-1833
Indianapolis Pavement Repair 317-549-1833

Road Patching

It is highly advised to have the roads within or on your property patched. It is an essential part of pavement maintenance and repair. Road patching prevents accidents from occurring, as well as, new pot holes from forming. Road patching is a fantastic opportunity to protect your property investment and drive hassle-free.

Common winter road patching services offered by asphalt and concrete repair companies include:

    • All Weather Patching
    • Chuckhole Repair
    • Pot Hole Repair
    • Road Resurfacing
    • Road Fracture Repair
    • Routine Maintenance
    • Pavement Cracks
    • Patch Repair
    • Road Gap Repair
    • Road Patching
    • UPM Permanent Patch
    • And More

Winter Road Patching and Pot Hole Repair in Indianapolis, Indiana

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for commercial winter road patching and pot hole repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our licensed and qualified paving contractors provide several Indianapolis asphalt and concrete paving services, including pavement repair, sealcoating, road work, commercial paving, industrial paving, winter cold patching, and more. We are the industry veterans to trust for skilled craftsmanship and competitive prices! Request a free estimate, today.

Asphalt versus Concrete Pavement

There are two main options for contractors and homeowners when it comes to choosing a type of pavement for their lot or driveway; asphalt and concrete. Although both pavements are wide-spread and common for parking lots, driveways, roads, and more; concrete is seeing less popularity in recent years due to the increase in asphalt construction.

Let’s take a look at the difference between asphalt paving and concrete paving so that you can decide on your own which pavement type is best for your commercial or residential needs.

Indianapolis Commercial Concrete Paving 317-549-1833
Indianapolis Commercial Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Concrete Pavement

Concrete is known best for its longevity. It can last up to fifty years without needing replaced. So why is concrete in less demand for public parking lots, new construction, and driveways? Concrete can have a tendency to crack in cold or freezing temperatures. Concrete repair is possible; however, it requires a lot of effort and preferably, some experience.

Other aspects of concrete are not very likable as well, including the fact that concrete can fade, discolor, or create pits from laying salt to melt snow and ice. Concrete can easily discolor from oil stains and other types of spills. These stains can be very difficult to remove. Because of the concrete color and look, stains and deterioration stand out more and are much more evident than in asphalt.

Here are some other facts about concrete pavement driveways, parking lots, and roads:


• Concrete Lasts up to 50 Years
• Does Not Require Seal-coating
• Concrete Can Be Painted, Molded, and Carved with Design
• Comes in Multiple Finishes
• Very Durable


• Concrete is More Expensive
• Concrete Cracks in Freezing Weather
• Difficult to Repair
• Requires Longer Drying Time
• More Prone to Cracks

Asphalt Pavement

In comparison to concrete, asphalt paving has many differences and even a few similarities. For example, asphalt is made from tar, not cement. It is used in parking lots, roads, walkways, and now driveways more than ever. It is more limited than concrete when talking aesthetics; however, there are many advantages to consider when it comes to asphalt pavement.

So why is asphalt becoming such a popular substitution for concrete paving? Let’s take a closer look:


• Cheaper
• Easy to Repair
• Fast to Install
• Easy Maintenance
• Sleek Look


• Less Color Options
• Less Durable than Concrete
• Requires Re-sealing Every Few Years
• Difficult to Repair
• Lasts up to 20 Years
• Become Softer in High Heat

Depending on where you live and what type of land you intend to pave, asphalt and concrete can both be good options. It is best to consult a professional paving company for information and advice about concrete and asphalt pavement. They can give you answers to the hard questions, and help you decide which pavement suits your needs best.

Indianapolis Asphalt and Concrete Pavement Contractors

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for commercial asphalt paving services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our licensed and qualified paving contractors provide several Indianapolis asphalt and concrete paving services, including pavement repair, sealcoating, road work, commercial paving, industrial paving, winter cold patching, and more. We are the industry veterans to trust for skilled craftsmanship and competitive prices! Request a free estimate, today.

Why is Asphalt a Popular Paving Material?

Everywhere you look, you see asphalt paving; from roads, to walkways, interstates, and more. For decades, asphalt paving has been a useful and beneficial commodity that has improved the way cities, towns, people, and industries operate. So why is asphalt such a popular amenity and material in the paving construction industry? The answer is extensive, and can take all day! However, below is a short introduction that explains why asphalt among one of the top choices in the world of paving and construction today.

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833
Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

The Advantages of Asphalt

Asphalt is a composite material that is combined with mineral aggregates and used in various construction developments and industries around the world. Year after year, asphalt is becoming the more popular choice of paving for things like driveways, parking lots, interstates, walk ways, and more. There are so many benefits to asphalt and asphalt pavement. For example, asphalt paving is:

• Very Strong and Flexible
• Lifespan of Up to 20 or 30 Years
• Suitable for Both Hot and Cold Climates
• Can Be Handled Easily
• Less Likely to Crack and Fracture
• Cheaper than Alternative Materials
• Weather Resistant
• Water Resistant
• Chemical Resistance
• Requires Less Maintenance
• Faster to Lay and Install
• And More!

Indianapolis Asphalt Paving

If you are interested in Indianapolis asphalt paving services in for your commercial or industrial property, call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-849-1833 today. We offer a wide range of asphalt and concrete paving services for commercial and industrial properties, at the most competitive prices in town, including inspections, installation, replacement, repair, and more. Request a free quote, today.

Choosing Between Concrete Repair or Concrete Resurfacing

There are several factors to consider before determining whether or not your pavement requires concrete repair or resurfacing. When concrete begins to crack and deteriorate, it is time to think about your replacement or repair options. Years of harsh weather, wear and tear, and overuse causes concrete to buckle and crack; however, these disruptions are easily refuted with concrete services. Your job is to choose between concrete resurfacing and a full-on concrete repair job.

Continue reading to catch up on a few concepts to consider before ultimately deciding on concrete repair or concrete resurfacing services for your residential or commercial property.

Commercial Paving 317-549-1833
Commercial Paving 317-549-1833

Structural Integrity of Concrete Paving

Take a look at your concrete and the cracks. If cracks are smaller than a quarter of an inch and the slabs haven’t lifted or moved vertically, then there shouldn’t be a need for all-out concrete repair. These small cracks are easier to repair at this size; so the concrete pavement can be resurfaced rather than replaced. If the structural integrity of the concrete slabs are lifted and moved, and cracks are becoming crevices, then concrete repair is most likely needed.

Sinking or Eroding Concrete Pavement

Minimal to moderate concrete sinking and heaving can sometimes be combated with a hydraulic leveler; eliminating the need for extensive concrete repair. On the other hand, if more than half of the existing pavement contains cracks, deterioration, sinking, or heaving, then it may need a professional concrete repair job. Also, if concrete paving is eroded more than a third of the way, then concrete repair is highly recommended for proper restoration and results.

Concrete Discoloration, Fading, and Wear

If the concrete pavement is free of large cracks and crevices, but appears worn and faded, then restoration and resurfacing is the best option. This option reduces the concrete service costs nearly in half! Discoloration, weathering, and aging can all be turned around with an effective concrete resurfacing and restoration job.

Indianapolis Concrete Resurfacing Services

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for commercial asphalt paving and concrete work in Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding areas. Our licensed and bonded paving contractors provide pavement repair, sealcoating, road work, commercial paving, industrial paving, winter cold patching, and much more. We are the industry veterans to trust for skilled craftsmanship and competitive prices! Request a free estimate, today.

How to Remove Tough Pavement Stains

Various commercial properties fall victim to tough pavement stains over the years. Markings from tires, weather, plant material, food, and more can prove to be resilient and long-lasting. These stains make our commercial properties look unprofessional and unkempt. This is never a good impression to give potential clientele or business associates. Eliminating tough stains from parking lots and other pavements can be tricky, which is why it is highly recommended to outsource a professional asphalt and concrete service company for accurate advice or assistance.

Continue reading to learn some quick DIY stain-removing techniques that can be implemented on a bigger and more professional scale for commercial properties and pavements as well.

Indianapolis Pavement Repair 317-549-1833
Indianapolis Pavement Repair 317-549-1833

Oil Stains

Oil can prove to be a difficult and frustrating stain to remove. Frequently, cars and other vehicles can leak and leave behind oil residues and deposits. After drying, oil can saturate deep into the pavement, making it more difficult to clean. Oil is also water resistant, so it takes a more extensive approach to cleaning or removing set-in stains. For concrete pavement, you can try using dish washing liquid. These detergents are made with grease-fighting constituents that help remove oil-based stains. Simply sprinkle a moderate amount of dish washing soap on the stain, apply very hot water on top, and then scrub the area vigorously until the stains are gone. Last, thoroughly rinse the remaining residue away with clean water. A quick scrubbing tip: use a broom as a scrubber for more square foot coverage.

For deeply set-in stains, this approach might not work. Instead, try using a combination of cement plaster, dish washing liquid, and water. Combine the gypsum plaster and water, then add one teaspoon of dish soap. Stir thoroughly; the concoction should be thick and sticky. Next, apply the mixture to the stained areas and allow it to dry completely. Once the plaster is dry, sweep it away with a thick-bristled broom. The mixture should absorb the stains!

Moss Stains

Sidewalks and other walkways are victims to plant material sediments and stains, especially moss. Moss can leave concrete pavement looking discolored and jeopardize its foundation with mass root growth. Plant roots can eventually break through the surface causing small cracks and crumbling. Moss is usually a result of poor drainage so that is something to look into for a long-term solution. Many people use boiling water to remove moss, but this can cause damage to the pavement. Instead, focus on removing the stains, and then hire a service to remove the moss professionally.

To remove moss stains, try using a combination of pure white vinegar and water. This liquid solution should be poured over the moss stains and allowed to set-in for at least 20 minutes. Once sufficient time has passed, scrub the stained areas with a thick-bristled brush, such as a broom. Last, rinse the vinegar solution away with warm, clean water.

Tire Marks

Tire marks and rubber stains are a huge eye sore in commercial parking lots and paved areas. These big black stains often stand out the most. They are also the most difficult pavement stains to remove. It is advised to avoid chemical treatments and solutions to remove tire markings because they can melt the rubber, consequently spreading the stain even more. Instead, use a liberal amount of rock salt and cover the stained areas. Next, use a thick broom or brush to scrub the markings. The idea is that the rock salt should lift and peel away the rubber stains away from the pavement.

Professional Pavement Services

If these techniques fail, it is highly recommended to consult a professional paving company for advice or service. They retain the proper equipment, tools, and treatments to remove set-in pavement stains such as the ones mentioned before. They also come with licenses, references, guarantees, experience, certifications, and more. These specifics can certainly put a property owner at ease when it comes to outsourcing services for pavement cleaning and stain removal.

Indianapolis Pavement Repair

For licensed and certified pavement repair services in Indianapolis, call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833, today! We retain the latest technologies and state of the art equipment to remove pavement stains and more. Call 317-549-1833 for affordable and reputable pavement services and concrete stain removal in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding counties.

Advantages of Asphalt Paving

Asphalt, also known as bitumen, is a sticky, black, semi-solid form of petroleum that is primarily used to pave and construct roadways all over the world. Asphalt concrete is made by combining various aggregate materials (stone, sand, gravel, etc.) and bitumen together to form a tacky glue-like adhesive material. This characteristic makes it a popular commodity in the asphalt roofing business as well; for waterproofing, insulation, and more. However, its primary use is for road construction. At least 85 percent of asphalt consumption today is for road surfaces.

Continue reading to learn more about asphalt paving and the advantages it delivers in the road construction industry today.

Indianapolis Asphalt Seal Coating 317-549-1833
Indianapolis Asphalt Seal Coating 317-549-1833

Reduces Traffic Noise

One favorable advantage of using asphalt concrete pavement is the noise reduction it provides. This goes for drivers and passengers inside a car, as well as, the noise level to surrounding pedestrians, houses, and buildings. Customary asphalt roadways have the lowest degree of noise levels in comparison to all other road surfaces. This is attributed to the modern developments of a more silent and porous asphalt product. The noise reduction is a wonderful advantage for residential housing developments, commercial business areas, and schools.

Decreases the Risk of Skidding or Sliding

New technological advancements in asphalt production and paving have improved the degree of driving safety on wet and slippery road surfaces. For example, modern asphalt roadways are constructed to ensure rapid water drainage and dispersal. Not only does this reduce the amount of standing water on the roads, it eliminates major road spray that can obstruct a drivers’ view. The specialized porous material disperses and drains water quickly and evenly, also reducing the likelihood of skidding off the road.

Water dispersal and road texture are the two most influential factors when it comes to skidding or slipping on the road. Asphalt provides the safest road surface to decrease the chances of losing control or skidding. Tire grip and responsible driving are crucial to prevent skidding as well.

Easy to Maintain and Repair

Asphalt paving is simple to maintenance and repair. This is a great because it doesn’t obstruct traffic or holdup businesses for an extended period of time. Once asphalt roads are laid, they can be driven on or used almost immediately. This makes pot hole repair and crack repair a quick and simple task for asphalt pavers. It allows for fewer delays, fewer labor hours, and safer roads for the public.

Indianapolis Asphalt Paving Contractors

Call ACI Asphalt & Concrete at 317-549-1833 for more information about asphalt paving in Indianapolis, today. We are licensed, insured, and bonded paving contractors that provide industrial and commercial road construction services all over Indiana. We are members of various professional associations, including the BBB and the Community Association Institute. Our highly trained and qualified paving contractors have more than 30 years of experience. Call 317-549-1833 to request an estimate and information for Indianapolis asphalt paving, today.

ACI Asphalt & Concrete Provides Commercial Paving Services in Indianapolis, Indiana

ACI Asphalt & Concrete has officially launched its brand new website for commercial paving services in Indianapolis, Indiana. This new website has all the resources you need when it comes to learning about commercial asphalt and concrete work. Their licensed, bonded, and insured teams of qualified technicians have more than 30 years of industry experience and training.

They are the experts to trust for accurate and reliable information or advice concerning road work. Continue reading to learn more about their paving services and how to contact a certified road contractor for paving services.

Commercial Industrial Pavement Repair

Asphalt and Concrete Paving Services

There are several areas of asphalt and concrete construction. Industrial and commercial properties and land are common places that require regular or routine paving services. Hospitals, shopping malls, schools, apartment complexes, residential neighborhoods, and more are all places that benefit from professional paving service. From repairs to paint, our commercial paving contractors are the specialists that know how to facilitate these services while exceeding client expectations and construction codes. ACI offers a wide selection of road work.

Here is a short list of paving services ACI Asphalt & Concrete offers property owners in Indianapolis:

• Asphalt Paving
• Concrete Paving
• Road Milling
• Road Striping
• Seal Coating
• Excavation Work
• Demolition
• Concrete/Asphalt Repair
• Asphalt Removal
• Concrete Removal or Replacement
• Parking Lots/Curbs/Steps
• And More!

ACI Asphalt and Concrete in Indianapolis, IN

ACI Asphalt and Concrete truly offers the most reliable and reputable commercial paving services in Indianapolis, IN. We are licensed, bonded, and insured asphalt and concrete paving contractors with more than 30 years of experience in the road construction industry.

Our company is known best for its 100% honest workmanship and rates; as well as, our dedication to consistent and reliable paving services and road work. You may call 317-549-1833, any time, to speak with a live asphalt and concrete paving technician about concrete services, asphalt services, and more in Indianapolis, Indiana.