How to Spot Poor Quality Commercial Pavement Workmanship

When commercial paving is done poorly, it can cause a number of problems that range from costly repairs to safety issues. That’s why it’s important to understand how to spot poor quality commercial pavement workmanship. Poorly executed commercial paving projects can lead to uneven surfaces, cracks and other damage that could be hazardous for pedestrians or vehicles. The good news is there are several ways you can identify potential problems with commercial paving before they become serious issues.

Continue reading to review some simple tips on what to look for when assessing the quality of commercial pavement workmanship.

Call 317-549-1833 For Commercial Asphalt and Concrete Repair in Indianapolis IN.
Call 317-549-1833 For Commercial Asphalt and Concrete Repair in Indianapolis IN.

Performing a Commercial Pavement Quality Check

1. Inspect the Surface: Take a close look at the commercial paving project and keep an eye out for any irregularities in level or cracks in the pavement. Imperfections in commercial paving can be caused by poor preparation, improper materials, and inadequate drainage systems.

2. Check for Cleanliness: Poorly executed commercial paving projects can often look messy, with chunks of asphalt and dirt all over the area. If you notice any disorganization or uncleanliness in the commercial paving project, chances are it was done carelessly.

3. Take a Look at the Sub-Base: The sub-base is an important part of commercial paving projects because it creates a solid foundation for the pavement. If there is insufficient preparation work done on the sub-base, it can lead to instability and further damage in the future. Make sure to check that the commercial paving project includes a solid and well-prepared sub-base before moving forward with any repairs or improvements.

4. Watch Out for Shoddy Edges: Poorly done commercial paving projects can have edges that are not properly sealed, leaving gaps and cracks. Inspect the pavement for any unfinished or faulty edges and make sure they are addressed before the commercial paving project is complete.

Look for Skilled Commercial Paving Service in Indiana

By being aware of these potential problems with commercial paving workmanship, you can save yourself time and money by avoiding costly repairs and other risks. If a commercial paving project does not meet your standards, it is best to consult with an experienced Indiana commercial paving contractor who can help you achieve the desired results.  With the right commercial asphalt and concrete contractors on your side, you can be sure that your commercial pavement job will last for years to come.

Are you looking for a trustworthy commercial pavement and road construction company in the Central Indiana area? Contact ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 to speak with a licensed and insured paving contractor about commercial pothole repair and cold patching in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve clients all throughout the state.

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