The Dangers of Neglecting School Parking Lot Repair

School is officially back in session for students of all ages! Whether children, teenagers, or adults, it is important for school complexes to remain safe and free of hazards. And this all starts on the outside, in the parking lot! In fact, this vital priority extends to the outer areas of the school, including playgrounds, sports complexes, walkways, and even parking lots.

Sadly, school parking lot deterioration and damage is a maintenance require that is often overlooked or put on the back burner. And when this happens, parking lot damages only worsen, and thus, increase in price and time the longer they are neglected. If you are a school property manager or owner, it is in your best interest to ensure your parking lot and walkways are ready to take on the full school year.

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of school parking lot maintenance and repair, as well as, who to call for trusted pavement repair services in your town.

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School Parking Lot Hazards

There are several pedestrian dangers that lurk in a school parking lot, especially during the busy morning and afternoon hours when drop-offs and pick-ups are taking place. And when pavement is not well-kept or in poor condition, it can further emphasize these hazards. A parking lot with pavement intact assists in smoother and safer traffic among drivers and pedestrians.

The most common hazards in pavement that can jeopardize student and traffic safety on school grounds include pot holes, large cracks, deep crevices, crumbled pavement, faded road striping, unclear crosswalks and bus lanes, degraded curbs, crumbled sidewalks, insufficient signs, and more. Pot holes are the most common problem for parking lots. These can range in size and cause serious slip, trip, and fall injuries.

They can also so severe damage to vehicles. Large cracks and crevices pose the same threat among drivers and pedestrians alike. As for deteriorated and crumbled pavement, namely curbs and sidewalks, accidents and injuries are frequent occurrences. Even more dangerous are faded road striping and signs. When bus, parking, lane, and traffic paint are faded and unclear, disaster looms at any moment. Sometimes, schools can be placed under violation for having signs that do not meet fire code and ADA standards. This could lead to lawsuits and subsequent penalties.

Commercial Parking Lot Repair and Paving in Indianapolis

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