What is Geo-Grid Ground Reinforcement?

Soil can come part and separate under any sort of tension. When pavement contractors need to install a structure or roadway above soil grounds, they need a solution for this problem since their project involves placing excessive amounts of tension atop soil. In order to strengthen and support sub-bases and sub-soils in the case of pavement installation, contractors often use a synthetic material is used called a Geo-grid. These grids are commonly manufactured from polymers like polyproylene, polyethylene, and even polyester.

Continue reading to learn more about Geo-grid ground reinforcement technology and how it’s used in the pavement repair industry.

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Types of Ground Reinforcement Geo-Grids

Geo-grids are used for foundation soil, roadways bases, steep slopes, and more. And their main purpose is to provide ample reinforcement and stability for pavement and construction projects. There are numerous types ground reinforcement grids on the market today, ranging in everything from size to material. The parts of a Geo-grid include the apertures, or “ribs”, which are the horizontal and vertical beams; also referred to as longitude and transverse ribs. The point at which the apertures meets are called the junctions.

There are three kinds of Geo-grids. The original versions, introduced to the market back in 1982, are called “punched and drawn” Geo-grids. The second type is made from polyethylene-coated polyester fibers and called yarn-type Geo-grids. These grids are textile-like and flexible in comparison to punched and drawn Geo-grids. This makes them perfect for unleveled grounds like slopes and hills. The third type of Geo-grid is made from polyproylene or polyester rods that are bonded together using ultrasonic laser technology.

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