Why Does Concrete Crack?

You would think something as hard and solid as concrete wouldn’t crack so easily. The truth is that concrete pavement is susceptible to a variety of elements and influences that can cause it to crack, buckle, crumble, and more. Although faulty concrete installation jobs can sometimes also be a reason behind crumbling or cracked concrete (i.e. no wire mesh installed, too much sand in the mix, watered-down mix, etc.), in most cases, the reasons are natural.

Continue reading to learn what makes concrete crack and what to do if you want them fixed in your driveway, parking lot, or street.

Indianapolis Concrete Repair 317-549-1833
Indianapolis Concrete Repair 317-549-1833

Cracked Concrete

Concrete commonly cracks in harsh environmental conditions. For example, concrete often cracks during freeze and thaw cycles; mostly in the northern climates of course. Freezing weather can freeze an underground water supply solid, and solid ice expands and requires more space than water. This is where the concrete is inflicted. The water-turned-ice expands underground, creating rifts and lifts in the above-ground concrete. It can cause the concrete to raise as much as two to three inches or more in most cases.

In the spring time, this cycle is reversed, causing even more concrete cracks and fractures. This is because as the ice melts in spring, causing the solid ice foundations beneath the concrete to disappear. This results in crumbling or caving concrete because there is no longer string ice beneath it for support. Once the summer time comes, even more damage is possible.

In the late spring and summer months, concrete pavement can suffer from cracking and fading from extensive sun exposure. This type of heat exposure can cause the concrete to warp and move even more so than it would in its freeze/thaw state. Once the sun goes down, the concrete will retract and settle in its original position. The problem is that the frequent instability and movement of concrete in hot weather can eventually weaken and crack the foundation altogether.

Indianapolis Concrete Repair

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