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When it comes to choosing a concrete deicing product, most people look for melting power. So it is no surprise that calcium chloride pellets are the top-most recommended material to use for winter pavement management. This substance is so powerful, it can still melt ice and snow in temperatures below freezing; in fact, up to negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit! But as for concrete deicers, there is more to consider aside from melting power.

You must also think about your surrounding environment, the condition of your pavement, seasonal temperatures, and even the corrosive agents in the deicing product you choose to apply to your concrete pavements. Although calcium chloride offers incredible melting power, it may not be a suitable choice for everyone. Continue reading to learn more about calcium chloride deicers and winter concrete care.

Benefits of Calcium Chloride Deicer

As a hygroscopic compound, calcium chloride absorbs moisture. When applied to snow and ice, it begins to immediately dissolve and absorb all the moisture on the pavement. As it dissolves, the calcium chloride uses an exothermic process that generates heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why the results are so sudden.

Calcium chloride is better than sodium chloride, or “rock salt”, in terms of environmental care and protection. It is less harmful to the surrounding plant life and soil in the case of water run-off. It is also less corrosive, so it is a suitable deicing solution for older pavement.

Disadvantages to Consider

Although calcium chloride is a powerful deicing agent, it comes with a few drawbacks that you should be aware of before applying it to your pavement. First, it melts quickly, so it leaves behind a moderate amount of slush. This slush can re-freeze, or turn into a hazardous in terms of pedestrian slip and falls, as well as, driving accidents. For personal safety and liability, it is best to sweep the slush to the side after application.

Secondly, it is a bit more expensive to deice with calcium chloride. A 50 pound bag sets you back about $18 on average, depending on the retailer. For moderately cold temperatures and conditions, it is recommended to mix calcium chloride with a standard market deicer for a more economical version.

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