Should Interlocking Pavement be Installed by a Professional?

It is advised to check out some vital information about DIY pavement repair and installation before deciding to install interlocking stone or pavement on your own. Even if you intend to hire a pavement contractor, it is important to review the step-by-step process to better understand what type of project you are outsourcing and what to expect.

Continue reading to learn exactly what you need to know about this type of pavement installation process.

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Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Interlocking stones or pavement is like a jig-saw puzzle; they all start as pieces that ultimately fit together just right. It is different than laying tile because tile jobs require a non-flexible surface and mortar for application. In contrast, interlocking pavement uses special sand as a bonding component and an interconnecting process that creates strong friction between the stones to thwart slipping or movement.

Interlocking Stone Installation

The time, effort, and industry knowledge it takes to achieve a proficient interlocking pavement job is extensive. This is the main reason why it should always be done by a professional paving company, or a person that is experienced in concrete, stone, and asphalt paving.

Many problems can arise during interlocking stone installation that cannot be predicted or foreseen in any way. A professional retains the training, knowledge, and tools to handle any dilemma or obstacle that may arise during installation. They also are likely to offer protection packages, warranties, and satisfaction guarantees on their work.

For newcomers to interlocking pavement world, check out this quick guide to interlocking stone and pavement installation:

• Current Surface Material is Excavated and Removed
• Ground or Soil Underneath is Dug Down to the Required Depth
• A Woven Geotextile Fabric is Fitted and Installed
• A Layered Base Rock and Sand Bedding Foundation is Built on Top
• Stones are Cut and Fitted
• Interlocking Process Takes Place
• Drying Time

A motif of designs and carvings can be implemented in the stone laying and fitting; or a standard look can be done as well. On the topic of designing and fitting the interlocking stone, a professional can be helpful because they are experienced in stone laying and retain tools and equipment to assist them. To get the finish you have in mind, be sure to ask a professional for advice and information that can help you make the best and most cost-effective choices for interlocking pavement installation.

Interlocking Pavement Services in Indianapolis, Indiana

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