How to Modify a Parking Lot to Promote Pedestrian Safety

As a real estate owner, your parking lot says a lot about your commitment to customer and employee safety. When it is in great condition, not only do vehicles run smoother and experience less damage, pedestrians are well-guided and protected, thus supporting a safe premises for both staff and guests. However, when you neglect the maintenance needs of a parking lot, whether asphalt or concrete, you can expect a heap of structural problems that may create an unsafe environment.

Continue reading to learn which areas of your parking lot can be improved to promote pedestrian safety, as well as, who to call for trusted pavement repair near you.

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Common Causes of Parking Lot Damage

Whether concrete or asphalt, parking lots require ongoing maintenance. Overtime, freeze-thaw cycles, heavy traffic, inclement weather, biological growths, and more, can cause pavements to lose their strength and durability. By staying on top of pavement care, you can better prevent or delay such effects. Pavement maintenance can also be a very serious responsibility, and even an obligation, under tort law. You see, if someone is seriously injured on your property as a result of negligent parking lot care, you could be held financially liable for their economic and non-economic damages and losses.

Pavement Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a safe premises, pavement maintenance is key. This means staying on top of routine care and minor repairs. There are several types of pavement damage that can lead to unsafe or hazardous conditions for people. Potholes, faded road marks, crumbling curbs, unleveled sidewalks, loose handrails, cracked ramps, and more, are all potentially dangerous defects of a parking that can cause someone to suffer an accident or injury.

Here are some key areas to focus on for pedestrian safety:

Line Striping – When parking lot road markings begin to fade, it can lead to serious accidents. This is especially true for pedestrian crosswalks, directional arrows, and other indicator-based markings. If there areas are not perfectly visible, both drivers and pedestrians can become confused on where (and where not) to go.

Handicap Spaces – Painted handicap parking spaces should be perfectly visible at all times. If they start to fade, drivers may not be aware that the spaces exists and occupy the spot, which may force handicap individuals to walk farther than they should, potentially putting them at risk of being hit by a car or slipping and falling.

ADA Ramps – ADA ramps are another important consideration, especially for disabled or handicapped individuals. Overtime, ramps can deteriorate, which can lead to crumbling aggregate, unleveled surfaces, holes, and more.

Water Drainage – Poor water drainage will cause a wide range of structural damages, such as potholes, but it can also lead to flooding, which can pose certain safety hazards for both drivers and pedestrians. A flooded parking lot is not safe to walk and it can block important emergency exits. For drivers, it can cause skidding and wipe-outs, which puts everyone at risk.

Potholes – Potholes and wide gaps in a parking lot can be quite hazardous to anyone on foot. These form as a result of freeze-thaw cycles, and worsen from lack of maintenance and surrounding environmental conditions. It is important to repair potholes as soon as they form to prevent accidents, as well as, worsening pavement conditions.

If your parking lot has any of the above defects, it is strongly encouraged to have them resolved before the heaviest part of winter is here. To get started, contact a licensed Indianapolis pavement repair company for a professional assessment and written quote.

Indianapolis Parking Lot Repair

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for parking lot paving services in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. Our licensed and qualified paving contractors provide a wide range of pavement repair and installation services at the most competitive prices in town. Request a free estimate, today.

Indianapolis Pavement Repair Company
Indianapolis Pavement Repair Company 317-549-1833

5 Paving Repairs to Make Before Temperatures Drop

Now that fall has officially begun, it is time to think about pre-winter paving maintenance. As a commercial property owner or manager, it is important to maintain a safe and functional lot, including sidewalks, walkways, ramps, curbs, storm basins, and more. In fact, there are 5 specific tasks you should add to you fall parking lot maintenance agenda. Continue reading to learn them all!

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Parking Lot Repair

If you look at your parking lot, does it look like it needs a little attention in terms of structure? Right now is the right time to get your parking lot in good shape for the winter so that it can withstand the dropping temperatures, freeze thaw cycles, and inclement weather. Think about having all cracks sealed, pot holes patched up, ramps fixed, and lines re-striped.

Pot Hole Patching

Pot holes are a frustrating sight and support poor water drainage, and can cause major damage to vehicles. Furthermore, they are a hazard for pedestrians and drivers, given that they have the potential to cause serious accidents. For these reasons and more, you must patch up any potholes on your paved premises before the winter climates are here.

Storm Basin Maintenance

Make sure your storm basins are still functioning well before the winter is here. They should be properly collecting and siphoning off water from your parking lot. If they are not, have a licensed and bonded Indianapolis paving company provide pitch adjustments, damage inspections, and reinforcement. Without a functioning storm basin, your lot will experience standing water that can freeze, thaw, and cause extensive damage.

Crack Sealing

If your premises is full of cracked sidewalks, walkways, ramps, and other paved surfaces, it is strongly encouraged to have them filled while the weather is still agreeable. Cracks and crevices in asphalt and concrete will only worsen as time and precipitation continue. The sooner you have them filled and repaired, the better your pavement will be able to remain strong through the winter season.

Seal Coating

As a final precaution, it is always recommended to have your pavement seal coated before the winter begins. Seal coating protects paved surfaces from water permeation, chemical spills, and more. It also makes it look shiny and new, which is very appealing to visitors. Just be sure to have this service done before the end of October, because by then, it may be too late as a result of the climate.

Indianapolis Paving Contractors

ACI Asphalt Concrete Inc. 317-549-1833

ACI Asphalt Concrete 317-549-1833

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for commercial paving services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our licensed and qualified paving contractors provide several Indianapolis asphalt and concrete paving services, including pavement repair, sealcoating, road work, commercial paving, industrial paving, and more. Request a free estimate, today!

ACI Asphalt and Concrete Provides Municipal Paving Solutions That Last

If your municipality is looking for a trusted pavement repair company, you’ve found them! Talk to our experts about the workable solutions we offer for municipal asphalt and concrete paving service!

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

ACI Asphalt and Concrete Inc. is made up of a fully-qualified team of licensed, bonded, and insured paving contractors who have decades of experience in the pavement repair and service industry. For more than 30 years, we have been a top-choice for Hoosiers all across the state, and have continued to deliver the highest standards of excellence for all municipal paving repair projects. We are fully-equipped with the latest technologies and state of the art equipment, and capable of taking on large-scale projects, regardless of size or scope. Our paving services are comprehensive, and cover a wide range of municipal pavement repairs and services.

Our Municipal Paving Services Include:

⛖ Highway Installation and Repair
⛗ Interstate Installation and Repair
⛖ Parking Lot Installation and Repair
⛗ Eco-Friendly Asphalt Paving
⛖ Sidewalks, Curbs, Steps, ADA Ramps, Etc.
⛗ Commercial Driveways
⛖ Paved Complexes
⛗ Paved Plazas, Squares, Courts, Etc.
⛖ Speed Bumps
⛗ Sealcoating
⛖ Road Striping
⛗ Street Sweeper Service
⛖ Winter Cold Patching
⛗ Block Paving
⛖ Porous Paving
⛗ And Much More

ACI Asphalt and Concrete Inc. has the expertise to provide dependable and proficient municipal paving solutions in a convenient time frame. We use a strict, concentrated approach to planning, managing, and implementing their municipal paving services. This ensures that we deliver the highest level of professionalism, quality, and structural integrity on the job.

We Earn Our Customers Business Everyday

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Here at ACI, we are truly dedicated to proving superior paving services for the local municipalities throughout Indianapolis. In fact, we are honored to be members of the community, and strive to be your solution to professional, high-quality municipal pavement repair and service. Owner, Lindsey Lewis, and our team of professional pavers will always remain committed to achieving that goal. Contact Us today at 317-549-1833 to request a free estimate.

Why Can Soil Become Unstable Below Old Asphalt?

Often times, paving companies or contractors will begin a paving project, only to find that the soil beneath the old pavement is too soft and not stable enough to take on new material. There are a few common causes for soil instability, all of which can interrupt a paving project. But fortunately, unstable soil can be resolved. It just takes a few extra steps. Continue reading to learn what causes soil instability, and how to fix it for purposes of paving.

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Asphalt Concrete Paving 317-549-1833

Causes of Soil Instability

There are three main causes of soil instability: 1) organic presence, 2) lack of compaction, and 3) poor composition. Look below for a brief explanation of each issue.

Organic Presence – The excessive presence of organic matter, especially decomposing organics, can cause soil to soften, making it unstable. This includes insects, leaves, plant matter, and water.

Poor Compaction – When soil lacks compaction, it is weak and does not retain the ability to properly bear weight. Lack of compaction means soil is soft and unable to stabilize for the purpose of bearing weight, such as paving material.

Poor Composition – The make-up of soil has a major influence on its level of stability. When improper levels of essential minerals, namely air, water, and organic matter, are present in soil, it lacks the ability to be strong. Soil needs just the right amount of moisture, matter, and air to be stable for paving.

Paving Over Soil

You cannot add new asphalt paving material on top of an unstable foundation. And soft soil is unstable. Instead, new asphalt paving solutions need to be considered and chosen. Most of the time, soft soil can be resolved, and once they are, paving projects can continue as planned. Various methods for treating soil instability have proven effective, either on their own or in combination with each other. They include practices such as:

Using drainage tiles to remove excess moisture from soil.

Excavating the soft soil and replacing it with a proper base material.

Tilling and turning the soil to encourage drying or hardening.

Using soil separation fabrics to prevent soil from intermixing with base materials.

Using reinforcement grids (geo grids) to even out the weight of the load.

Tilling chemical stabilization into the soil to change the composition to make it stronger.

Applying foam asphalt injections to mimic the characteristics of pavement.

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Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete Inc. at 317-549-1833 for professional pavement repair and installation in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties. Owner Lindsey Lewis, and his team of licensed paving contractors, provide a wide range of asphalt and concrete paving services for commercial, industrial, and municipal properties throughout the state. As highly-trained and experienced pavers, you can trust us for quality service at an honest price. Call 317-549-1833 to
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Safety Tips for Concrete Mixers and Trucks

There have many several accounts of injuries and accidents reported from the concrete industry. Most of these accidents happen in the presence of a concrete mixer or concrete pumping truck. Fingers, hands, and even arms have been lost as a result of negligence in the workplace. When it comes to operating a concrete mixing truck, and pouring concrete, it is important to follow all safety guidelines and take all necessary precautions. Continue reading to learn some valuable safety rules and tips that can protect you and your workers from future accidents and injuries.

Indianapolis Asphalt Repair
Indianapolis Asphalt Repair

Pouring and Loading Concrete Mixers

One of the most common mistakes made in the concrete paving industry is contractors using their hands to manually empty the pump while the pump motor is still on. Just because the remote is turn off doesn’t mean you are safe and in the clear! The button can be leaned on or accidentally pressed and the motor can turn on while hands or arms are inside. Always remember this when operating a concrete mixing truck. This is what leads to accidental amputations on the job. In fact, that is rule number one.

Safety Rules 1, 2, & 3:

❶ Never Place Body Parts Inside the Outlet Valve, Lubrication Box, or Hopper.

Concrete mixing trucks require routine maintenance and service to achieve optimal performance capacity. This is a dangerous job that requires acute attention to detail and safety obedience. Always read the manufacturer’s manual before attempting to work with, clean, repair, or operate a concrete pump truck. It requires thorough knowledge and understanding of the machine before anyone can operate it on their own. You learn important safety guidelines, like:

❷ Always Turn Off the Pump Motor, Remove the Key, and Confirm All Pressure Levels are at Zero Before Placing Hands Near Moving Parts.

Sometimes, concrete hoses can clog or become damaged. This can cause accidents and serious injuries. This is because a clogged hose can burst and cause burns, disfigurement, property damage, and even death. Damaged reducers or elbows can cause equally devastating injuries and consequences. This is why you should always abide by safety rule number three:

❸ On a Daily Basis, Inspect Concrete Hoses, Clamps, Reducers, Elbows, Etc. and Throw Out Damaged Equipment.

Routine maintenance for concrete mixers is vital for protecting your equipment and investment. Hydraulic oil needs changed regularly, as well as, filters, motor oil, and all other fluids. Also, all other parts should be inspected for wear and tear, and replaced or repaired as need; such as filters, hoses, fittings, clamps, nuts bolts, and everything else. A truck in good condition is less likely to malfunction or cause injury.

Commercial Pavement Installation and Repair for Indianapolis

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for commercial paving services in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. Our licensed and qualified paving contractors provide a wide range of asphalt and concrete pavement repair and installation services at the most competitive prices in town, including crack filling, overlays, resurfacing, and sealcoating. Request a free estimate, today!

What to Look for in a Professional Asphalt Paver

Parking lots and commercial driveways are first impression-makers. It is one of the first qualities of a building or company that is noticed by visitors. This is why it is encouraged to maintain a healthy-looking and highly operational parking lot and commercial pavement. It is universally agreed upon that professional appearance of parking lots contribute greatly to business sales and team morale. Curb appeal adds value to and protects a business owner’s investment.

So, when hiring a general contractors to perform pavement repair and replacement services for your commercial or industrial property, it is vital to outsource a professional with specific qualities and credentials. Friendliness, punctuality, and proficiency are just the foundation of a professional paving company.

There is much more to look for when it comes to hiring an asphalt and concrete paving company or contractor. Continue below to get started!

Indianapolis Commercial Paving 317-549-1833
Indianapolis Commercial Paving 317-549-1833

Characteristics of a Professional Paving Contractor

One important quality every professional paving contractor should have is dependable communication. Consistency on all professional jobs is crucial, but consistent communications between contractor and property owner is critical. Project managers and contractors should always be able to offer real-time updates and announcements to proprietors. If a paving contractor cannot offer this type of unfailing communication, then they are not likely a good candidate for the work you need accomplished.

Not many pavement companies have immediate access to paving materials; especially special mixes and products. Instead, paving companies have to order these materials and have them shipped out. It is helpful to hire a pavement service that can obtain these materials in a timely manner for your needed pavement repair or installation. Choose a company with reliable resources and extensive industry experience. They will be most efficient and not waste anytime ordering and receiving building materials and pavement products.

Also, pavers should be licensed and highly proficient in pavement installation and repair services. Quality craftsmanship, expertise, and artistry is crucial in the pavement industry. The more capable the contractor, the more beautiful and reliable the project results. When making a significant investment like new parking lots or walkways, hiring a paving contractor with vast skill and aptitude is the key to a success outcome.

Professional Indianapolis Paving Contractors

Call ACI Asphalt and Concrete at 317-549-1833 for commercial paving services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our licensed and qualified paving contractors provide several Indianapolis asphalt and concrete paving services, including pavement repair, sealcoating, road work, commercial paving, industrial paving, winter cold patching, and more. We are the industry veterans to trust for skilled craftsmanship and competitive prices! Request a free estimate, today.