Is it Better to Apply a Thicker Layer of Seal Coat?

Since summer is coming to an end shortly, and fall will be here before we know it, pavement maintenance is something to think about now. Before the inclement weather reaches our driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots, we property owners should be getting a head-start to protect our pavements so they can withstand what fall and winter has in store. This is exactly what sealcoating services are for!

Applying a sealcoat to pavement adds an extra layer of protection against harsh elements and natural wear and tear. But applying too much sealcoat can be problematic. Many people assume that a thicker layer of sealcoat is better and more protective, but professionals will refute this assumption quickly.

Continue reading to learn why it is not better to apply a thicker layer of sealcoat on asphalt and concrete pavements.

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Seal Coating Basics

Seal coating should be applied by trained and licensed professionals who retain the proper tools and equipment to proficiently and effectively complete the project. Licensed pavers are well-aware that a thicker layer of sealcoat does not equal more protection. Instead, it renders pavement more vulnerable than before.

Here’s why:

☑ Thick Seal Coats Do Not Cure Evenly

☑ Thick Seal Coats are More Prone to Surface Cracks

☑ Thick Seal Coats Take a Long Time to Cure-Increasing Project Schedule and Labor

☑ Thick Seal Coats Cause Degradation and Decrease Lifespan of Sealer

☑ Thick Seal Coats are Prone to Tracking

☑ Thick Seal Coats are Prone to Peeling

Over-Sealed Pavement

When pavement, such as asphalt driveways, have been over-sealed, you can see the signs. For one, it will look extremely flat and smooth, and will not have any visible texture. Asphalt pavement should always retain texture. Too much sealant will only make the condition of pavement worse. In order to fix an over-sealing job, pavers may have to provide an overlay or slurry sealcoat, which is not always desirable. It is best to simply wait a few years until the pavement needs resealed or replaced. Just remember, when it comes to sealcoating, more is definitely not better!

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